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Know how to buy in Greece. These are the most common questions about buying a home in Greece. From choosing an area of Greece to buy a home, to budgeting, to Forest Regulations in Greece, to choosing a rental Management Company. 30+ years of consulting experience in quick, easy to read guides. 

View of Town in Crete

Guide for Belgians: What it’s Like to Buy a Home in Crete

Are you Belgian and thinking about buying a home in Greece? You probably have many questions and unknowns: What are the biggest cultural differences between Greece and Belgium? Do I need to learn Greek? What part of Greece should I invest in if I’m Belgian? We answer these common questions

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8 Benefits of a Property Management Company

Renting out your property in Greece is a smart investment and can be a great source of income. It comes with responsibilities, though. You need to market your rental, take applications, do accounting, and make repairs. If you don’t like the idea of all the extra work, here is why

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Determining the True Value of a Home in Greece

Greece has naturally become a popular destination for purchasing a second home because of its scenery, hospitality, culture, and ideal climate. While it is a popular place to buy property, it’s important to have an accurate estimate of the value of a property before buying or selling.    As a

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Selling your Home in Greece – A Brief Guide

In this article, we tell you the basic process of selling your home in Greece, from the documents required, cooperation with third parties, and the process of signing the purchase agreement. There are many reasons for selling a home in Greece. Some sellers want to buy a property in a

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Elxis Returns to Second Home Expo in Utrecht

What is the Second Home Expo?  For the third time in 2024, Elxis visits the The Second Home Expo. This time, it’s in Utrecht.    At Second Home Expo, you will find a selection of 150,000 holiday homes in more than 25 countries under one roof, and have access to

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Guide to Inheritance Tax in Greece

Have you inherited Greek real estate property, and you are wondering what the related legislation is? Every country has its own inheritance regulations and according to taxation. The process of accepting inheritance when it comes from abroad may sound like a complex issue. To this purpose, we answer here some

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Happy Couple on Vacation in Greece

What are the Costs of Buying a Home in Greece?

The more information a buyer has about acquiring a house in Greece, the better the decision. At Elxis we have outlined below the costs involved in getting that dream home in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. We have an inhouse team of 7 lawyers ready to help manage the procedure and

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Energy Performance Certificates in Greece

What is an Energy Performance Certificate? Do I need one for my property? Is it different than an “Energy Label?” What are the costs associated with getting one? What actions do I need to take as a property owner in Greece? It’s likely you have some of these questions in

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Buying a Home in Greece: Types of Ownership

Types of Ownership    You’ve dreamed for years about your home in Greece – where it will be, the taverna meals you will eat, and the summer sun. Now comes one of the logistics of buying a home in Greece – what kind of ownership you want. There are a few

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How to Open a Bank Account in Greece

One of the most common questions about buying property in Greece is whether a Greek bank account is required. In this article, we will cover frequently asked questions about bank accounts in Greece, the benefits of having one, as well as the process to go through when opening a Greek

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Second Home Expo Comes to Maastricht

What is the Second Home Expo?  At The Second Home Expo, you discover how to achieve your dream of owning a second home. With a selection of 150,000 holiday homes in more than 25 countries under one roof, you have access to all the industry experts in one place. As

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Mortgage Terms and Rates in Greece

Mortgage Terms and Interest Rates in Greece If you plan to buy a home in Greece, you’ve probably done some planning on how to finance your new home. Depending on your home country, one common option might be a mortgage. In Greece, getting a mortgage as a non-resident is not

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