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Be educated on the Greek Home Market. Whether you want to buy a home in Greece or to sell your home in Greece, stay up to date on new regulations, benefits in Greece for foreign homeowners, and new government programs to take advantage of. 

Greek Real Estate Sales Already Outperform 2022

More expensive and higher in numbers holiday homes were bought in Greece this year: +33% sales value, +12.5% in average purchase price. Foreigners in 2023 bought more expensive holiday homes and in higher numbers, based on our data from the past year. In fact, by the end of 2023, the

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Can I Buy a Home in Greece? Guide for Americans

Can I Buy a House in Greece as an American? Yes, an American can purchase property in Greece. In this article, we’ll take you through the most common questions Americans have when buying a home in Greece, as well as some practical considerations for how to start your search for

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Utility Bills in Greece: Energy and Water

You’ve just bought your dream home in Greece, and you’re getting ready to move in. One necessary step before you spend your first Greek summer in your holiday home is to change the utility bills to your name. This makes sure you can enjoy cool air conditioning in the summer,

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Taxes on Real Estate in Greece

You’re on your way to buying your dream property in Greece. The home you viewed has a sea view, access to the beach, and your favorite taverna is within walking distance. The home has captured your heart, and you’re convinced it’s the right place for you. When purchasing a property

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Airbnb’s Growth and What it Means for Greece

Airbnb’s turnover in Greece is expected to hit 4 billion euros this year. Indeed, Airbnb has become profitable in Greece thanks to the increase of short-term rentals not only in tourist destinations like Mykonos and Santorini, but also in Greece’s smaller, unknown islands.    When the short-term registry was created in

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10% Discount on ENFIA Tax if you have Insurance

For a limited time, you can get a 10% discount on ENFIA, the main annual property tax in Greece, if you have ensured your home. This opportunity came into effect at the end of July based on a provision of the National Economy and Finance Ministry, and it is only

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Where to Stay in Greece: Hotel or Airbnb?

Athens ranks 2nd in the top 10 list of European cities that offer value for money for Airbnbs when compared to hotels. This is according to a recent research by financial magazine Moneyzine. The data comes from and Trivago, which assessed the average cost per night of Airbnbs and

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Pitfalls to Avoid when Renting a Property

Short-term property rental in Greece has many benefits. You get to enjoy the laidback Greek lifestyle, its glorious beaches, and the warm hospitality of the Greek locals. There are advantages to renting over buying – your landlord pays property taxes and maintenance teams take care of cleaning and renovations.  

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What Type of Home Buyer are You?

Knowing what kind of buyer you are may give you an advantage in the market. It will help you get inside the head of real estate agents, who often help clients market their property to these categories of buyers. Naturally it also helps to understand your top priorities when searching

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Renting out Your Property: Do’s and Dont’s

You’ve just bought a new property in Greece, and you’re ready to start renting it out. The location is ideal, your property has a sea-view, and you’re sure visitors to Greece will pay a high price for your home.   It’s easy to fall into the trap that it’s simple

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Top 6 Vacation Rental Amenities

What amenities are the most important for a vacation rental to have in Greece? In this article, we feature research from 2 studies: a 42,000-recipient study of and the Vacation Rental Search Report from Vacasa, a top vacation rental company. They analyzed what amenities are most important to guests,

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Determining the True Value of a Home in Greece

Greece has naturally become a popular destination for purchasing a second home because of its scenery, hospitality, culture, and ideal climate. While it is a popular place to buy property, it’s important to have an accurate estimate of the value of a property before buying or selling.    As a

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Planning for Retirement in Greece

When searching for somewhere to retire, the top goals of most retirees are usually some of the following: Warm weather Stunning beaches Friendly locals Affordable real estate Wonderful local cuisine An advantageous location for travel Advanced healthcare Beneficial taxing programs It might seem hard to find a place that has

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Updated Golden Visa Requirements 2023

What is the Golden Visa Program? The Golden Visa program in Greece is a residency-by-investment program. By purchasing real estate above a certain price in Greece, you are eligible to apply for the Golden Visa, which grants residency, visa-free travel in Europe (for 90 days every 6 months), and family

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Buying a Private Island in Greece

Yes, it’s possible to buy a private island in Greece! With nearly 30,000 islands, Greece has plenty of uninhabited isles to choose from. Of course, only about 446 of these 30,000 islands is more than 0.1 square kilometers in size.  15 islands in Greece are currently listed for sale, and

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