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Be educated on the Greek Home Market. Whether you want to buy a home in Greece or to sell your home in Greece, stay up to date on new regulations, benefits in Greece for foreign homeowners, and new government programs to take advantage of. 

Do Greeks Buy Holiday Homes in Greece?

Are local Greeks buying holiday homes in Greece, or just foreigners? According to the latest analysis from Elxis on its client conversations over the past six months, there’s been a notable increase of demand from Greeks for the purchase of holiday homes in Greece. Expats Vs. Local Greeks In the

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Determining the True Value of a Home in Greece

Greece has naturally become a popular destination for purchasing a second home because of its scenery, hospitality, culture, and ideal climate. While it is a popular place to buy property, it’s important to have an accurate estimate of the value of a property before buying or selling.    As a

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Box 3: Change in Dutch Tax Rates

This article is about tax rates for Dutch owners of a home in Greece. We answer common questions like “How will my home in Greece be taxed in the Netherlands?” and “Will I be Taxed Both in Greece and The Netherlands for my home in Greece?”   Taxation of Investments

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7% Flat Tax on Pensioners in Greece

Are you thinking of moving to Greece, but not sure how it will impact your pension? This article will explain one way to shift your tax residence to Greece.   When retiring in Greece in your golden years, the last thing you want to think about is taxes. This is

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Elxis Returns to Second Home Expo in Utrecht

What is the Second Home Expo?  For the third time in 2024, Elxis visits the The Second Home Expo. This time, it’s in Utrecht.    At Second Home Expo, you will find a selection of 150,000 holiday homes in more than 25 countries under one roof, and have access to

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