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Stay up to Date. The latest updates on Golden Visa, real estate industry trends, and the Greek economy. Greece’s newest programs for foreign real estate buyers, and new regulations that could affect your home in Greece.

New Airport and Highway Coming to Crete

Do you visit Crete often, or plan to buy a home in Crete, Greece’s largest island? The island will be getting a big upgrade. The Crete 2030 Development Plan includes 480 infrastructure projects, including new roads, hospitals, marinas, ports, and an airport. New Airport in Crete The Kastelli Airport is

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Can I Really Get Paid to Move to Greece?

Are the Rumors True? You might have read articles which suggest that you can be paid to move to a Greek island. We did our research to verify for you, interviewing local sources to learn more about this program.    So, are the rumors true? Can I really get paid

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Greek Real Estate Sales Already Outperform 2022

More expensive and higher in numbers holiday homes were bought in Greece this year: +33% sales value, +12.5% in average purchase price. Foreigners in 2023 bought more expensive holiday homes and in higher numbers, based on our data from the past year. In fact, by the end of 2023, the

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In-Town Baggage Drop for Athens Airport

Do you travel frequently in and out of Athens airport? Now, you won’t need to carry your heavy check-in bag to the airport.    Port of Piraeus Baggage Drop At the Port of Piraeus, which is Athens’ largest port, the so-called “In Town Check In” at passenger gate E3 is

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FlyCycladic: Fly to the Greek Islands

Greece’s first-ever inter-island airline just lifted off. FlyCycladic is Greece’s first air carrier focused on island hopping, which makes them perfect for your Greek vacation. The airline is operated by Ifly SA and will operate year-round, covering the transport needs of local residents of the Cycladic islands as well as

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S&P Upgrades Greece to Investment Grade Rating

S&P Global is the first of the “big three” rating agencies in the world who have upgraded Greece to investment grade. This happened late last week, when Greece’s rating boosted to ‘BBB-/A-3.’ This is a positive sign for Greece’s economy and encourages foreign investment in Greece. Among the reasons why

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Maria Callas: 100 Year Anniversary

2023 marks the 100-year anniversary of the birth of one of Greece’s most influential and well-known figures, Maria Callas. She was unwanted by her mother, a perfectionist, massively famous, and also infamous for her affair– these are some of the main ingredients of the life of Maria Callas. Despite all

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Christina O, the Yacht of Aristotle Onassis

Aristotle Onassis was one of the most well-known public figures in Greece, the owner of a shipping and cigarette empire and one of the richest men in Greece. Of his belongings was an entire apartment building in New York, a Greek national airline, and the Greek island of Skorpios. Perhaps

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Angelina Jolie Visits Greece

Angelina Jolie is currently in Greece for the filming of Maria, a movie about the life of Greece’s famous opera singer, Maria Callas.   This Hollywood actress was seen in Pyrgos in the Peloponnese a few days ago at the Apollo Theater. A few scenes were being shot there, and

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Top Greek Architects: K-Studio

K-studio is an architecture studio based in central Athens which focuses on Architecture, Interior, and Hardscape Design. The co-founder, Dimitris Karampatakis, joined up to create the studio with his brother, Konstantinos. The team has grown since then to over 80 members and is known for its context-based design which encourages

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The Best Olive Oil in Greece

Few things are more Greek than olive oil. Homer called it “the golden liquid,” and Hippocrates, the famous doctor of ancient Greece, gave olive oil to his patients. Today, olive oil is still a large part of Greek daily life, is one of Greece’s largest exports, and is always a

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Greece’s Best Architects: KKMK Architects

KKMK Architects was founded by the architects Kate Karagianni and Marina Karamali in 2019. KKMK Architects’s projects cover a wide range. Their work includes landscape and building architecture to interior design, set design, installations, and product design. KKMK brings together every aspect of the building to create unique projects. KKMK

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AEGEAN Adds New Flights to Greece

AEGEAN, the largest airline based in Greece, will have its largest-ever schedule this winter, with 118 destinations and 157 routes to 44 countries. The 2023/2024 winter schedule will expand flight paths between Greece and Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Balkans.   More European Flights to Greece AEGEAN’s

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Greek Economy’s Growth is Faster than Europe’s Average

Today Greece is one of the most quickly growing economies in the European Union. The economy is growing two times as fast as the average in the Eurozone.    Tourists are flowing into Greece, requiring new construction. Multinational companies like Pfizer and Microsoft are investing in Greece, and private investors

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