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Stay up to Date. The latest updates on Golden Visa, real estate industry trends, and the Greek economy. Greece’s newest programs for foreign real estate buyers, and new regulations that could affect your home in Greece.

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mAiGreece: Greece’s New Safety App

Greece’s newest safety phone app will go live on June 10th and will be primary used by tourists. The app is called “mAiGreece” and it is a digital travel assistant. The app is part of an initiative by the Greek Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni and the Minister of Digital

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Where Did Elxis Travel in May?

Where did Elxis travel in May? Elxis’s team traveled thousands of kilometers in total. With offices in Thessaloniki, Crete, and The Netherlands, and a network of properties spread over 50+ towns spread all over Greece, Elxis’s team is always moving around to serve the needs of our clients.  Who is

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Lefkes Town

Higher Budgets, Quicker Profits for Homes in Greece

More and more foreign investors are buying homes in Greece since the start of 2024. In fact, buyers are looking to buy more luxurious properties than in the past couple of years, which leads to higher prices. Available budgets this year have increased and range from 350,000 to 550,000 Euros.

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Quick Guide to Uber in Greece

If you’re from a major city in the U.S. or Europe and reading this, you’re probably familiar with Uber and other ride-share programs. Depending on where exactly you live, Uber might be cheaper than regular taxis. In some countries, Uber rides are so common that you might hear locals using

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Where Did Elxis Travel in April?

Elxis’s team traveled a combined 6000 kilometers this month. With offices in Thessaloniki, Crete, and The Netherlands, and a network of properties spread over 50+ towns spread all over Greece, Elxis’s team is always moving around. Michael’s Travels in April Who is Michael? This month, we focus on Michael, one

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Greek Easter Celebrations: What is Bright Week?

What is Bright Week in Greece? How do the Greeks celebrate? Where can I join the celebrations? Bright Week is the week immediately after Easter in Greece. It is typically a time of celebration, and you will find dancing, traditional food, and a great atmosphere all over Greece. Why is

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Do Greeks Buy Holiday Homes in Greece?

Are local Greeks buying holiday homes in Greece, or just foreigners? According to the latest analysis from Elxis on its client conversations over the past six months, there’s been a notable increase of demand from Greeks for the purchase of holiday homes in Greece. Expats Vs. Local Greeks In the

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Not Just Olive Oil: What Are Greece’s Top Exports?

You can probably guess which products are the most commonly exported from Greece. You probably imagine olive oil, feta cheese, and ouzo. However, did you know that one of Greece’s exports (not a food) is 15 times more valuable than its olive oil exports. Did you know that one of

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The Olympic Flame is Lit in Greece

It is now 100 days to go until the start of the Olympic Games in Paris, and the iconic flame is lit. The ceremony was held at the birthplace of the ancient Olympics – Olympia in Greece. The flame represents hope and peace and will travel all across Greece until

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Summer 2024 in Greece: Athens Epidaurus Festival

The Athens and Epidaurus Festival is one of the biggest festivals of the Greek summer. It has operated more than sixty years and features a program of music, theatre, dance, and visual arts. Performances are held at the two ancient theatres of the Odeon Herodes Atticus and the Ancient Theatre

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What Greek Golden Visa Changes are Coming in 2024?

What is changing about the Greek Golden Visa? What does this mean if I plan to buy a home in Greece in 2024? Are there exceptions to the new Golden Visa Rules?   In this article, we will explain the new thresholds for the Golden Visa Program and what they

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Can I Really Get Paid to Move to Greece?

Where Can I Get Paid to Move to Greece? The Greek island of Antikythira (sometimes spelled Antikythera) wants to pay families to move there, with a few special requirements. The island of Antikythira is between Crete and Kythira in the Aegean Sea.    The Antikythera authorities plan to build homes

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