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Camping in Matala, Crete

Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, and Joni Mitchell once lived in the caves of Matala, Crete. What is so special about the people and the nature …

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5 Ways to Make Your Greek Home More Eco-Friendly

Greece is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. Pristine beaches, Medterranean air, an endless rows of olive trees are just a ...
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White and Blue Houses

Why are Greek Island Homes Blue and White?

Google “Greek islands” and the first pictures in the search results will likely be on Mykonos or Santorini. We’re all familiar with the white stucco walls and blue trim that

A representative beach of Karpathos

Top 4 Things To Do on Karpathos

In 2017, Athina and Vincent bought a house on the island of Karpathos using the services of Elxis. Now they live there permanently! Find out in this blog their favourite

Karpathos Travel Guide

Karpathos is a narrow, long island that is divided by a string of mountains with an altitude of 1200 meters. Karpathos is unique for its wild beauty, magnificent beaches, and

Why Do Greeks Break Plates?

Opa! Where did plate smashing in Greece come from? When did the tradition of breaking plates start? Where can I smash plates in Greece? Wedding Couple in Santorini Why are


Chania, Crete Travel Guide

What makes Chania the perfect place for foreigners? What makes Chania different than anywhere else in Crete? Where are Chania’s best beaches and days trips? In this article, we’ll answer

300 Spartans vs. Reality

The True Story of the 300 Spartans

With some of the best action scenes and characters larger than life, the movie 300 was a big hit. The story follows the 300 Spartan soldiers, an elite unit trained

Plakias, Crete Travel Guide

Why is Plakias one of the most underrated towns on the island of Crete? Why choose Plakias over the larger towns like Rethymno and Chania in the north? We’re biased,

Using App in Greece

mAiGreece: Greece’s New Safety App

Greece’s newest safety phone app will go live on June 10th and will be primary used by tourists. The app is called “mAiGreece” and it is a digital travel assistant.


Where Did Elxis Travel in May?

Where did Elxis travel in May? Elxis’s team traveled thousands of kilometers in total. With offices in Thessaloniki, Crete, and The Netherlands, and a network of properties spread over 50+


What is it Like to Live in Rethymno?

What is it like to live in Rethymno in Crete? We sat down with Stella, a local business owner and big fan of Rethymno Town, to share with you the

Vai Palm Forest

The 8 Most Unique Beaches in Greece

Greece has thousands of islands and thousands of beaches. Which beaches in Greece are worth visiting? Which beaches in Greece are the most unique? Sarakiniko Beach, Milos Sarakiniko Beach is

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