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Travel the Greek Islands. From Ionian Islands you can reach by car, to Cycladic Islands without cars, to famous castles in the Peloponnese, to Santorini’s best sunsers. From the smallest Islands, to destinations for a romantic getaway, to the best areas in Greece to retire. New areas featured weekly, so there’s always somewhere new to discover. 

The History of the Marathon

If you’ve seen the film “By Big Fat Greek Wedding”, you likely know that everything came from Greece. This is true for the marathon, which refers to the name of a town in southern Greece with the same name: Marathon.   The modern day marathon was created to remember the

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Greece: Areas with both Mountains and Sea

Most visitors to Greece think first about the Mediterranean, but Greece has more than just the water. Greece is full of a variety of mountains, caves, and beautiful landscapes. Many of Greece’s mountains are associated with mythology, so myths tell us that some ancient Greek gods used to live there.

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Tower Homes in the Peloponnese

There are few places that are as unique as the southern Peloponnese, more specifically the Mani region. Some of the northern towns in Mani include Gythio, Kardamyli, and Verga. Scattered around this area are the famous and historic tower homes of Mani.   Imagine a small castle for an ordinary

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Koutouloufari Travel Guide

Koutouloufari is a village in Crete with the ideal balance of authentic Cretan lifestyle and convenient access to the most popular towns in Crete. Koutouloufari is found between Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos and is the ideal place to explore both cities. The area has many activities and sights and gives

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Can I Really Get Paid to Move to Greece?

Are the Rumors True? You might have read articles which suggest that you can be paid to move to a Greek island. We did our research to verify for you, interviewing local sources to learn more about this program.    So, are the rumors true? Can I really get paid

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6 Places you Won’t Believe are in Greece

Greece is full of remarkable sights – pristine beaches, panoramic views of the sea, UNESCO Heritage  Sites, impressive monasteries, and quaint fishing villages. When we see pictures of these classically “Greek” sites on Instagram, it’s often easy to say “this location is in Greece.” Something about the color of the

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Buying a House in the Peloponnese

Of every region on the Greek mainland, the Peloponnese is the most popular to visit for tourists, apart from Attica (where Athens is located). This region of southern Greece is not far from Athens and features beautiful resorts, historic monuments, UNESCO Heritage Sites, Byzantine churches and monasteries, temples to the

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Ionian Coast Travel Guide

The Ionian Coast is also known as the Greek Amalfi Coast, and this endless coastline is dotted with seaside villages, dreamy beaches, mountain towns, archaeological sites, and amazing landscapes. The biggest beauty of the location is that not many people know about it. In this blog, we take you through

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Most Affordable Islands in Greece

Demand for holidays in Greece in 2023 is constantly rising because more and more travelers want short-term rental options for a good price, longer stays, and destinations that are off the beaten track.    In this article, we introduce you to less-frequented islands in Greece that are great value for

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FlyCycladic: Fly to the Greek Islands

Greece’s first-ever inter-island airline just lifted off. FlyCycladic is Greece’s first air carrier focused on island hopping, which makes them perfect for your Greek vacation. The airline is operated by Ifly SA and will operate year-round, covering the transport needs of local residents of the Cycladic islands as well as

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Best Golf Courses in Greece

Golf is a sport that is increasing popularity in Greece because of the new signature courses and award-winning clubs now in Greece. The biggest benefit of golfing in Greece is the great climate with mild winters and sunshine through every season. Luxury hotels and Greek cuisine make the golfing experience

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The Most Beautiful Doors in Greece

From the Instagrammable wooden doors on the cliffs of Santorini and Mykonos to the old blue and white doors of the Cyclades, every door in Greece has a story to tell. Maybe this is because of the ever-present background of the Mediterranean Sea. Or maybe it is the Greek sun, or

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Kythira Travel Guide

Kythira (Kythera) Island is known for its connection with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. The island of Kythira is located north of Crete and south of the Peloponnese. It is technically an Ionian island, but in reality it looks more like a Cycladic Island based on its architecture and landscape.

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10 of the Best Greek Foods to Try

The Greek diet is one of the healthiest and also the most delicious on the planet. Greeks still eat some of the foods that were popular in ancient times, like legumes, olive oil, and olives. Greek food is fresh and often comes from local sources. No meal is complete without

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