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Live like a Greek. Immerse yourself in the local Greek life, from gastronomic and cultural events in Greece to nightlife and the best Greek tavernas. Explore local dishes of the Greek Islands, Greek wines, the best Greek beaches and hidden gems to explore. Plus hiking in Greece, sailing in Greece, and the best tips for your day to day life in Greece.

Greek Easter Celebrations: What is Bright Week?

What is Bright Week in Greece? How do the Greeks celebrate? Where can I join the celebrations? Bright Week is the week immediately after Easter in Greece. It is typically a time of celebration, and you will find dancing, traditional food, and a great atmosphere all over Greece. Why is

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Greek Easter: Your Ultimate Guide

Easter is the most important religious holiday in Greece, and it is celebrated with great reverence and enthusiasm. Greek Easter, in Greek known as Pascha, is celebrated according to the Orthodox Christian calendar, which often differs from the Western Christian calendar. More specifically, the holiday typically falls in late April

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What is it Like to Live in Santorini?

What is it like to live in Santorini year-round? To help answer this question, we asked the help of Santorini local Georgia Pitsikali, who manages Oias Local Cavehouses, a local business offering luxury cave homes for rental. KORE by Oias Local Cavehouses, Santorini | Interior Design by Lime Deco |

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Porto Katsiki Lefkada

Lefkada’s Best Beaches: The Ultimate List

Lefkada is a beautiful island nestled in the Ionian Sea, which is on the west coast of Greece. Lefkada is very appealing to those looking to enjoy a less crowded side of Greece that features crystal clear waters and expansive sandy coastlines nonetheless. Lefkada hosts quite a number of amazing

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The Best Sunsets in Greece

We’ve all seen the iconic Instagram spots in Greece – dramatic views of the Mediterranean Sea, with sandy beaches below. But nothing beats being there in person. Where can you find the best sunsets in Greece? Read on and find out our top recommendations for the perfect sunset spot. Santorini

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Top Destination in Greece for Solo Travelers

The island of Rhodes was voted as the best island in Greece for solo travelers, based on a report by the Hungarian air carrier Wizz Air. Using data from TripAdvisor reviews, Wizz Air released a list with cities that have the most 5-star reviews by anyone listed as a solo

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Chartering A Yacht in Greece: A Brief Guide

Greece is one of the top countries in the world for yacht charters, and it’s easy to see why. With ideal weather, a long summer season, and countless picturesque islands, Greece is one of the best places in the world to be on a boat.    More specifically, there has

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Quick Guide to Uber in Greece

If you’re from a major city in the U.S. or Europe and reading this, you’re probably familiar with Uber and other ride-share programs. Depending on where exactly you live, Uber might be cheaper than regular taxis. In some countries, Uber rides are so common that you might hear locals using

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The Art of the Greek Coffee Shop

You haven’t truly experienced Greece until you’ve sat in a traditional “kafeneion” (coffee shop). In Greece, coffee shops are more than just a quick stopping point. Unlike the “to go” culture in many western countries, a kafeneion is a place to slow down and enjoy time with others. A coffee

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Leonard Cohen’s Home in Hydra

Greece is a good place to look at the moon, isn’t it? You can read by moonlight You can read on the terrace You can see a face As you saw it when you were young This is an excerpt from a poem of Leonard Cohen, one of the most

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International Schools in Crete

Overview of Education System in Greece The education system in Greece is mainly made of public schools that are administered by the Ministry of Education. They dictate the curriculum, and public schools in Greece are generally free, including tuition and textbooks. Private and international schools usually (but not in every

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Best Christmas Foods in Greece

Traditional Christmas Dishes in Greece The first picture that comes to mind when thinking of Greece is a sea view from an island in the Aegean, with the hot summer sun. But Christmas in Greece is one of the best times of the year. In Greece’s big urban centers, like

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Famous Artists of Greece: Nikos Nikolaou

About Nikos Nikolaou Nikolaou was a famous painter, printer, and sculptor who was born on the island of Hydra in 1909. The island was an inspiration for other artists, like Nikos Ghikas, who loved to depict its Neoclassical mansions. Nikolaou is part of the “Thirties Generation” of artists in Greece.

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Best Desserts in Greece

One of the amazing parts of eating in Greece is the delicious dessert. Greece has a great variety, from baklava, to halva, to frozen custards and spoon sweets. Coming from western European countries like the UK or the Netherlands, some visitors find Greek desserts to be overly sweet. Let’s just

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