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Live like a Greek. Immerse yourself in the local Greek life, from gastronomic and cultural events in Greece to nightlife and the best Greek tavernas. Explore local dishes of the Greek Islands, Greek wines, the best Greek beaches and hidden gems to explore. Plus hiking in Greece, sailing in Greece, and the best tips for your day to day life in Greece.

Why Do Greeks Break Plates?

The history of breaking plates goes back to ancient times when breaking plates signaled wealth. In some cases, plates or glasses would be thrown into the fire after a banquet instead of being reused. The abundance was celebrated because the plates could be easily replaced. Wedding Couple in Santorini Why

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Becoming A Digital Nomad in Greece

Working remotely in Greece has many benefits. Among the benefits, you will have a great quality of life, whether you choose to be a digital nomad in a city like Athens or Thessaloniki, or on a slow-paced Greek island in the Aegean. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful

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The Best Foods to Try in Crete

“Dakos” (Cretan Rusks) The popular “dakos” is known by regional names around Crete and it is a popular addition to salads and popular Cretan dishes. It is like the Italian bruschetta, but is on barley rusks, not bread. The rusks are soaked in water and olive oil to be softened,

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6 Ways to Decorate your Home in the Greek Style

What is a “Greek style” of decorating? Why is it that when we see the decorations in a home in Greece, we somehow know it is from Greece? What makes the Greek decorating style unique? Perhaps the first question on your mind is: Can I achieve a “Greek style” in

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Exploring the culture of Kasos

Living in Greece: Six Things you Need to Know

Are you Considering Buying a House in Greece? A Dutch Couple Will Help You  In this article, we explore the most common questions by Dutch citizens who buy a home in Greece. Athina and Vincent, makers of The Karpathos Guide, the most comprehensive guide out there for Dutch people considering

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10 of the Best Greek Foods to Try

The Greek diet is one of the healthiest and also the most delicious on the planet. Greeks still eat some of the foods that were popular in ancient times, like legumes, olive oil, and olives. Greek food is fresh and often comes from local sources. No meal is complete without

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The Best Olive Oil in Greece

Few things are more Greek than olive oil. Homer called it “the golden liquid,” and Hippocrates, the famous doctor of ancient Greece, gave olive oil to his patients. Today, olive oil is still a large part of Greek daily life, is one of Greece’s largest exports, and is always a

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Places in Greece you can Visit Year-Round

It’s October. You might be settling back into the routine of work, thinking already about next summer’s holiday to Greece. But you might not need to wait as long as you think. Most Greek islands slow down in the winter months, from October to April. Beach bars close, hotels go

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Alpha Estate Winery

Set in the heart of Amyndeon, northwestern Macedonia, lies Alpha Estate, an unparalleled wine sanctuary. Amidst its constantly growing reputation, this vine-growing haven, though lesser-known in the grand Greek tapestry, is just a stone’s throw from the tranquil waters of the Petres and Vegoritida lakes. Surrounding attractions, like the idyllic

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Red Wines to Try in Greece

The ancient Greeks celebrated wine so much that it was represented in religious icons and it was included often in the writing of famous Greek philosophers.   Some people think of Santorini and the Greek islands when they bring to mind Greek wines. Others might know only retsina, the pine-infused

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The Best Sunsets in Greece

We’ve all seen the iconic Instagram spots in Greece – dramatic views of the Mediterranean Sea, with sandy beaches below. But nothing beats being there in person. Where can you find the best sunsets in Greece? Read on and find out our top recommendations for the perfect sunset spot. Santorini

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Ouzo, Tsipouro, and More: A Drinkers’ Guide to Greece

Greece is known worldwide as a destination for great food and drink, and alcoholic drinks are a key part of customs and local traditions in Greece’s islands and villages. A variety of spirits have been made by the Greeks for centuries, or in some cases since ancient times. Some, like

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Do’s and Dont’s of Tavernas in Greece

Eating at a Greek taverna is a central part of life in Greece. It often involves sitting down for hours with family and friends around a restaurant table. The food is always fresh and local, with minimal ingredients and flavors that are complemented by the beautiful Greek landscape. Here’s everything

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Best Greek Islands for Foodies

What’s not to like about the Greek dinner table? Greece was named the most sustainable food destination in the world in 2021 by Lonely Planet.   In this article, we focus on some of Greece’s smaller, less touristed islands where can you find the freshest, most local, and tastiest food.

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Top Road Trips in Greece

Best Time for a Greek Road Trip The best time for a road trip in Greece is in shoulder season. April, May, and June, but also September and October, are ideal for avoiding big crowds and having more comfortable temperatures. In this guide, we focus on a few key road trips

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