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Get inspired. The newest architectural trends in Greece, From undercut homes, to cave houses, to blue and white homes in the Cycladic Islands. Homes of famous Greeks and the ancient Greeks. Traditional building styles, architecture in the Greek Islands, and inspiration for your own home in Greece.

Greece’s Best Architects: Action Constructing

Action Constructing describes itself as “a Property Development Company with extensive experience in building & selling luxury villas, traditional houses & apartments.” With its headquarters in Rethymno, Crete, Action Constructing is a team of architects and builders that have worked in residential sales since 1984.   What Kind of Homes

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Marble in Greece: From Ancient Times to Today

Let’s be real – who doesn’t like marble? It adds a touch of luxury to any home and is durable, so it doesn’t wear down over time. Like a good wine, it can even look better with age. Marble also comes from nature, so no two pieces are alike, and

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Villa V | © Katerina Iakovaki

Greece’s Best Architects: Aristides Dallas Architecture Studio

Aristides Dallas Architecture Studio is based in Athens and Tinos and was founded by Aristides Dallas. They focus on residential and hospitality projects all over Greece – mainly in the Aegean and Ionian islands and near Athens. The Lap Pool House | photo by Voumvakis Panagiotis Aristides Dallas Architecture Team

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6 Hidden Benefits of Greek Cave Houses

What are the advantages of a “cave house” in Greece? Where are Greece’s cave houses, and what makes them different from a regular home in Greece? Other names of cave houses include “Homes built into hills”, “earth houses”, or “berm houses”. You can refer to them in any number of

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Greece’s Best Architects: Three60 Interior Architects

Three60 Interior Architects Philosophy Founded by Alexandros Tsikordanos in 2010, 360 CDS is an architecture and interior design agency based in Athens. The team has years of experience in designing both commercial – hotels, restaurants, etc – and residential spaces.   Attention to detail and simplicity characterize their work. They

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Best Interior Designers in Greece: Gekko Concepts

Gekko Concepts is an interior design studio based in Athens, and they are known for their outstanding residential, commercial, and hotel spaces. The team thinks of creative experimentation as the driving force. Gekko Concepts’ philosophy is client-centric. The Ecali Club Meeting Room Gekko Concepts Philosophy They make it a priority

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Greece’s Best Designers: Maria Chatzistavrou

Lime Deco was founded by Maria Chatzistavrou in 2007. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, and operating on an international scale, her office specializes in interior architecture for boutiques, hotels, private villas, residences, and professional spaces. The vision is to create a spectacular and a functional result for each client, so that

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Why are Greek Island Homes Blue and White?

Google “Greek islands” and the first pictures in the search results will likely be on Mykonos or Santorini. We’re all familiar with the white stucco walls and blue trim that characterize the architecture of these 2 world-famous islands. The two-tone style is popular more broadly in the Cyclades, a group

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Colossus of Rhodes – Wonder of the Ancient World

The Colossus of Rhodes is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world, and its existence is shrouded in mystery. Some researchers still wonder about exactly how it was constructed and where it stood. Depiction of Colossus of Rhodes Building the Colossus of Rhodes The island of Rhodes in

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Greece’s Best Architects: Plaini and Karahalios Architects

About Plaini & Karahalios Architects Plaini and Karahalios Architects was founded in 2011 and is a collaboration between Elisavet Plaini and John Karahalios. Elisavet studied at the University of East London and at the University of Westminster. John studied at the National Technical University of Athens and received his master’s

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Office Renovation

Greece’s Best Architects: TENON Architecture

TENON Architecture is unique among architecture firms in Greece. They use contemporary design and construction practices aiming to create innovative projects for contemporary life. The use of new materials and cutting-edge technology are a key part of the company’s activity. Tenon’s founders aim to create spaces that contribute to the

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Famous Architects of Greece: Ernst Ziller

In Athens, Thessaloniki, and many of the Cycladic Islands, you might not realize that you are walking by the buildings of the great German architect Ernst Ziller. Ernst was known to some as Ernestos Tsiller, or Ερνέστος Τσίλλερ, who gained Greek citizenship because of the significant mark he left on

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Greece’s Best Architects: Panos Nikolaidis Design

About the Architect Panos Nikolaidis (Πάνος Νικολαΐδης) was born in 1971 in Athens. Today, his office is also found in Greece’s capital city. In his work, he focuses always on the individual needs of those spending time inside the structure. He has a diverse set of skills and has led

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Greece’s Best Architects: AKA

AKA – Apostolou Colakis Architects – is a multidisciplinary design studio which has offices in Athens, Greece, and Oxford, UK. They work in the fields of architecture, interior, exhibition, and furniture design. Their works include office spaces, residential homes, and working spaces.  WWF Greece Headquarters | Photography by Vasso Paraschi

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Tower Homes in the Peloponnese

There are few places that are as unique as the southern Peloponnese, more specifically the Mani region. Some of the northern towns in Mani include Gythio, Kardamyli, and Verga. Scattered around this area are the famous and historic tower homes of Mani.   Imagine a small castle for an ordinary

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