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Get inspired. The newest architectural trends in Greece, From undercut homes, to cave houses, to blue and white homes in the Cycladic Islands. Homes of famous Greeks and the ancient Greeks. Traditional building styles, architecture in the Greek Islands, and inspiration for your own home in Greece.

Greece’s Best Architects: Plaini and Karahalios Architects

About Plaini & Karahalios Architects Plaini and Karahalios Architects was founded in 2011 and is a collaboration between Elisavet Plaini and John Karahalios. Elisavet studied at the University of East London and at the University of Westminster. John studied at the National Technical University of Athens and received his master’s

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Greece’s Best Architects: TENON Architecture

TENON Architecture is unique among architecture firms in Greece. They use contemporary design and construction practices aiming to create innovative projects for contemporary life. The use of new materials and cutting-edge technology are a key part of the company’s activity. Tenon’s founders aim to create spaces that contribute to the

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Famous Architects of Greece: Ernst Ziller

In Athens, Thessaloniki, and many of the Cycladic Islands, you might not realize that you are walking by the buildings of the great German architect Ernst Ziller. Ernst was known to some as Ernestos Tsiller, or Ερνέστος Τσίλλερ, who gained Greek citizenship because of the significant mark he left on

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Greece’s Best Architects: Panos Nikolaidis Design

About the Architect Panos Nikolaidis (Πάνος Νικολαΐδης) was born in 1971 in Athens. Today, his office is also found in Greece’s capital city. In his work, he focuses always on the individual needs of those spending time inside the structure. He has a diverse set of skills and has led

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Greece’s Best Architects: AKA

AKA – Apostolou Colakis Architects – is a multidisciplinary design studio which has offices in Athens, Greece, and Oxford, UK. They work in the fields of architecture, interior, exhibition, and furniture design. Their works include office spaces, residential homes, and working spaces.  WWF Greece Headquarters | Photography by Vasso Paraschi

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Tower Homes in the Peloponnese

There are few places that are as unique as the southern Peloponnese, more specifically the Mani region. Some of the northern towns in Mani include Gythio, Kardamyli, and Verga. Scattered around this area are the famous and historic tower homes of Mani.   Imagine a small castle for an ordinary

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Greece’s Best Architects: Omniview Design

Omniview Design was founded in 2013 by architects Dimitri Tsigos, John Tsigos and property entrepreneur Miltos Kambourides. Their goal was to integrate design and development capabilities into one service. This hybrid of design and development together make Omniview capable of making clients’ visions become a reality.   Omniview is based

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6 Ways to Decorate your Home in the Greek Style

What is a “Greek style” of decorating? Why is it that when we see the decorations in a home in Greece, we somehow know it is from Greece? What makes the Greek decorating style unique? Perhaps the first question on your mind is: Can I achieve a “Greek style” in

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Greece’s Best Architects | A31

A31 Identity A31 was founded in 2003 by  Praxitelis Kondylis, a young architect with extensive experience abroad, who decided to open his own practice in Athens. It was not long before A31 architecture started to take on design and construction projects in the rest of Greece and Cyprus. Also on

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Greece’s Best Architects: Schema

Schema Architecture & Engineering was established by Marianna Athanasiadou (Architect) and Christos Stavrogiannis (Civil Engineer & Economist) in Athens, Greece. They were recently ranked one of the 25 best architecture firms in Greece by Archello. Schema offers Sustainable Architectural Design, Interior Design, Structural Engineering, and Project & Construction Management in

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Greece’s Best Architects: Block722

Block722 is an Athens-based architecture studio that was founded in 2009 by architect Sotiris Tsergas and interior designer Katja Margaritoglou. The pair brings together Greek and Scandinavian heritage, and their collaboration results in work that is confident, natural, and timeless. The studio has a variety of projects, from residential to

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Top Greek Architects: K-Studio

K-studio is an architecture studio based in central Athens which focuses on Architecture, Interior, and Hardscape Design. The co-founder, Dimitris Karampatakis, joined up to create the studio with his brother, Konstantinos. The team has grown since then to over 80 members and is known for its context-based design which encourages

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Greece’s Best Architects: KKMK Architects

KKMK Architects was founded by the architects Kate Karagianni and Marina Karamali in 2019. KKMK Architects’s projects cover a wide range. Their work includes landscape and building architecture to interior design, set design, installations, and product design. KKMK brings together every aspect of the building to create unique projects. KKMK

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“Antiparochi” – The Housing Policy that Changed Athens

The antiparochi system started in 1929, and it changed the shape of Athens forever, both architecturally, economically, and socially. What was antiparochi? And why did it become so popular in Athens? What impact does it have on Athens today? Athens City Center The Need for Housing Athens had an urgent

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Traditional Farmsteads in Mykonos

Most people know Mykonos as an overtouristed destination with fancy yachts, celebrities, and nightclubs open until the early hours of the morning. However, Mykonos wasn’t always like this. Only about 5 decades ago, Mykonos was much like other Greek islands in the Cyclades, with their quiet fishing villages and slow

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