Greece’s Best Architects: Action Constructing

Action Constructing describes itself as “a Property Development Company with extensive experience in building & selling luxury villas, traditional houses & apartments.” With its headquarters in Rethymno, Crete, Action Constructing is a team of architects and builders that have worked in residential sales since 1984.


What Kind of Homes Does Action Constructing Build?

Their works are ideal for people who want to buy a property in Crete either as an investment, as a retirement home, or as a personal holiday home in Greece. They offer many sea-view homes in Crete that are ideal for those who either live in Crete permanently or come occasionally. You can find more of their homes in Crete on the Action Constructing website.


The Villa Pure C, one of Action Construction’s latest vilas, just received the BigSee Architecture Award 2024, in the residential category.

Villa Pure C
Villa Simon

Where Does Action Constructing Build?

Action Constructing extends its business in a large radius around Rethymno, Chania and Lasithi, more specifically Loutra, Agia Triada, Agios Dimitrios, Adele, Prines, Karoti, Episkopi, Agia Galini, Agios Pavlos, Pagalohori, Episkopi, Gavalohori, Vamos, Xirosterni, Paleloni, Kefalas, Kabia, Kokkino Horio, Aspro, and Vathi. In these areas, ACTION respects and enhances at the same time the natural environment and beauty.

Villa Pure C

Interview with the Action Constructing Team

At the core of Action Constructing is the Velivasakis family. Manolis Velivasakis and his wife Soula Karachristou were the founders, and their son and daughter George and Lily are the second generation of leadership at Action Constructing. We had the chance to sit down with George and Lily, whose passion for their work was obvious from the first interaction.


Having grown up in the company and seeing it grow to over 60 employees and contractors, George and Lily feel that Action Constructing is a core part of their identity.

Lily and George

What is Unique About Constructing in Crete Compared to the Rest of Greece?

Crete is in a unique position in Greece because of its long summer season. Lily notes that “unlike most other islands, the summer season lasts 8 to 9 months, and you can even swim in November.”


George adds that “Crete is also an island with much natural diversity, so there is always something green nearby. The mountains and the beach are never far away, so many homes will have a view.”


Crete, compared to some other popular Greek islands, is also unexploited in many areas. This is why you can find beautiful nature in every corner of Crete and several areas with fewer tourists.


Lily also expands on the construction style of outdoor spaces in Crete: “Sitting areas are constructed to enjoy the Cretan sunshine, but also to have protection from the wind.”

Domus Mare Villas

What Makes Action Constructing Unique Compared to Other Builders in Greece?

Action Constructing is unique because it manages the entire building process. From the design, to architecture, to the execution of the building, and even its sales and marketing, Action Constructing is an expert in the whole process.


George and Lily share: “This helps lower the cost of building because there are not as many different companies in the process. Also, the time to completion is less because the process is more efficient. And last but not least, due to our experience in the construction field, the projects we deliver are highly qualitative.”


Each project is unique. George and Lily respect the desires of the client, while also considering the environment around the project. George expands on this point: “Each development needs to make sense based on the characteristics of the nature around the building site.”

Villa Guney
Villa Guney

What are Your Predictions for the Future of Design in Crete?

George shares that “the quality of materials and the services in the real estate industry (like property management, tourism, and service providers), are all improving.”


Lily mentions that “The average customer today has a higher standard for the project. This has an effect on us as well as architects, because we need to improve along with the times.”

Trinity Hills Villas

Projects by Action Constructing

Cretan Sunset Villas

Privileged by the sweeping vistas of the sea, the White Mountains and the golden sunset, the Cretan Sunset Villas offer privacy without sacrificing convenience. The project consists of ten villas located in the wonderful traditional village of Episkopi, at a short distance from Rethymno and various beaches across the northern coastline of Crete.

Cretan Sunset Villas

Outside, the terraces are arranged similarly to enhance outdoor living on two levels. The lower level is filled with lush greenery, while the upper level hosts a pool and a BBQ area under a wooden pergola, offering a vantage point to enjoy the views of the surrounding landscape. The layout of the villas on the hillside ensures that each villa enjoys optimal views.

Cretan Sunset Villas

Inspired by the island’s rich cultural heritage and following the strict building rules for the protected village of Episkopi, Cretan Sunset Villas are designed with traditional elements such as stone walls, wooden frames, arches, and tiled roofs, blending timeless charm with modern comfort.

Cretan Sunset Villas

Trinity Hills

The unique design of the complex is a result of the team’s effort to blend the villas with the surrounding areas. Using natural local stone and white plaster, the architecture is well integrated into the local Cretan features, but at the same time it has a contemporary character.


Trinity Hills offers all the comforts of a high-end contemporary villa, and at the same time is a sustainable complex because anyone has the opportunity to install solar panels on their villa.


The villas have magnificent views to the sea and the surrounding area of the gorge of Agia Triada, and the location offers great privacy and exclusivity for the owners.

Trinity Hills Villas

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