What is it Like to Live in Santorini?

What is it like to live in Santorini year-round? To help answer this question, we asked the help of Santorini local Georgia Pitsikali, who manages Oias Local Cavehouses, a local business offering luxury cave homes for rental.

KORE by Oias Local Cavehouses, Santorini | Interior Design by Lime Deco | Photo by George Fakaros

What is it Like in Santorini in the Summer?

Georgia notes that, “Santorini’s tourist season starts from April and continues to the end of November. However, in the last years, some entrepreneurs of the island keep their businesses open all year round.” On the contrary, Georgia during the winter, choses to spend less time working and focuses more on her hobbies, like travelling and photography.


Most of the year, Santorini is busy with tourists: “During Winter (Nov-March), Santorini has fewer tourists and offers a more peaceful atmosphere. During summer, tourists can do many activities which aren’t available in the winter such as cruises with catamaran sailing, guided tours around the island and dining outdoors in the Caldera.”

What is it Like in Santorini in the Winter?

In Winter, while beach activities may be limited due to the cooler weather, visitors can still explore the island’s attractions, including its archaeological sites, wineries, and local cuisine. Georgia notes that “accommodation, dining, and transportation prices tend to be higher during the summer peak season due to increased demand.”


“In contrast, prices often drop in winter, and you may find better deals on accommodations and activities. Even the landscape is quite different between seasons but both seasons have their own unique charm.”

Interview With a Local Cavehouse Owner: Georgia Pitsikali

What is Your Daily Routine?

“My daily routine is to wake up early in the morning. Organising the day depends on the arrivals and departures I have from the villas. I communicate with the guests if they have any questions, keep an eye on the villas during service, manage the reservations and the financial data, and reply to emails.


“After all of these if I have free time I will go swimming or watching the sunset in an isolated spot away from the crowds.”


After this description of her day, I wondered how Georgia made time for this interview. She truly is a skilled multi-tasker!


Where Do You Recommend on Santorini if I Want to Avoid Crowds? 

“If you want to avoid crowds on Santorini, you definitely should come at the start or the end of the season. Unless you are visiting during peak season, there are still hidden beaches and quiet spots for lunch/dinner. Also, I recommend you to start your day early in the morning to visit the most popular attractions.”

Namaste Suites, Santorini | Interior Design by Lime Deco | Photo by George Fakaros

Would You Consider Living Anywhere Else in Greece?

Georgia spent all her childhood in Santorini, so it is dificult to live in another place: “Living in an island like Santorini has many difficulties because it is very busy but at the end of the day you are living in an island with incredible landscape. Watching the sunset or taking a walk in the beach is a reward I get after a busy day.”


What is Your Favorite (and Hardest) Part About Living on Santorini?

“My favorite part is that I am 5-minutes away from the beach, the sound of waves and the feeling of being surrounded by nature. When I am out of Santorini, I miss it.”


“The hardest part probably will be how busy Santorini becomes every year – new accommodations appear, more and more transport vans can block the narrow roads we have.”


Georgia also notes the impact of cruise ships on the island: “They don’t manage the problem Santorini has with cruises and they increase them every year even if the problem still exists. The walking path in Oia during peak season is full of tourists and as a result, people are crowded in the narrow paths and they don’t enjoy their experience.”

Namaste Suites, Santorini | Interior Design by Lime Deco | Photo by George Fakaros

What are Some of Your Favorite Restaurants/Spots Away From the Crowds?

Georgia gave a short list of her favorites, mentioning that some of these spots are underrated. The restaurants’ local, traditional dishes are some of her favorites, and the hidden gem beaches, found away from the main tourist areas, deserve high praise.


Roza’s restaurant 
Fisherman’s house (taverna)
Pori beach 
Katharos beach
Vlychada beach 
Vlychada Beach

About Oias Local Cavehouses

Georgia’s cave houses are for travellers who want to explore the real life of Santorini beyond the obvious. Oias Local Cavehouses transformed two typical cave houses into elegant modern spaces that let you live in Santorini like a local. If you stay in the cave houses, you get to share a beautiful yard with Georgia, where you will be able to spend time together, share a glass of local wine, and hopefully enjoy an authentic Santorinian meal using local products.

About KORE

Kore is an artsy subterranean studio house by Oias Local Cavehouses that is instantly noticeable for its curves, textures, and retro influences. The bust from an ancient Greek KORE features at the center of the living room, surrounded by two built-in sofas. Every piece of has been carefully selected to add practical use and sophistication.


Accents of soft colors create a soothing atmosphere. Copper bath accessories and the solid marble sinks are an ode to Greek antiquities and traditions. The swanky, retro style kitchenette with built-in shelves has all the necessary utensils you may need during your stay.

KORE by Oias Local Cavehouses, Santorini | Interior Design by Lime Deco | Photo by George Fakaros

Georgia also organizes local dining experiences for her guests in the cavehouses, featuring a selection of fresh Greek ingredients. The bright colors offer the perfect background for a meal outdoors. 

“Namaste Suites” – Oia, Santorini

Namaste Suites are found at the most photographed part of Oia on the famous island of Santorini. The suites overlook the Aegean Sea and The Church of the Resurrection. The original cave house was built in 1900 and is made with a building material called pozzolan, which is known for its strength and insulating properties. There are many native architectural elements, and the flooring includes black and white Naxos marble and wood.

Namaste Suites, Santorini | Interior Design by Lime Deco | Photo by George Fakaros

The name of the residence is Namaste Suites, which means “I bow with gratitude to your positive energy and welcome you.” Some of the natural materials used in the design are bamboo, straw, linen, marble, stone, and metal. These were hand-selected for their natural shades of gray and beige.

Namaste Suites, Santorini | Interior Design by Lime Deco | Photo by George Fakaros

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