The Best Sunsets in Greece

We’ve all seen the iconic Instagram spots in Greece – dramatic views of the Mediterranean Sea, with sandy beaches below. But nothing beats being there in person. Where can you find the best sunsets in Greece? Read on and find out our top recommendations for the perfect sunset spot.

Santorini Sunset

Balos, Crete

If you are on the island of Crete, you need to visit the Balos Lagoon, which is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. After relaxing at the beach, you can eat at a nearby taverna and wait for the sunset. The sun will set behind the Tigani peninsula and is an ideal time to have a final swim at the long beaches of Balos. 

Balos Beach Sunset

Lindos, Rhodes

If Rhodes is on your “to visit” list this summer in Greece, the Acropolis of Lindos is one of the best spots on the island to see the sunset. During the day, visit the site of the Acropolis and walk around the ruins of the Greek castle. Later, stop by the temple of Lindian Athena and check out the Hellenistic walls of the sanctuary. The sunset at Lindos is unique because the sun comes through the columns of the Hellenistic Stoa.

Lindos Sunset

Plaka, Milos

Not far from Santorini, Milos is slowly getting a name for itself as a popular island for visitors. Milos is unique because of its spread of colors, which are a mix of black volcanic rocks, blue-green waters, and golden sand. The colors of the rocks are only enhanced by the colors of the houses, because Milos has some of the most beautiful white buildings in Greece. 


The capital of the island is Plaka, and this is the best spot to enjoy the sunset. The town has quaint alleys, Cycladic architecture, and a 13th-century castle from the Venetian times. The most popular spots in town to watch the sunset are the bar “Utopia” and the Panagia Korfiatissa church, as well as from the castle itself.

Milos Sunset

Myrtos, Kefalonia

The beach of Myrtos in Kefalonia is known as one of the most pretty in Greece. The water is clean and clear, and guests often stay for many hours to swim in the afternoon and follow the sun as it drops towards the Mediterranean. Crowds of visitors and photographers come here every evening at sunset to witness the sunset. It is also popular for couples, who might be in Kefalonia for their honeymoon. 

Myrtos Beach Sunset

Logas Beach, Corfu

It’s not a coincidence that this beach on the island of Corfu is called “Sunset Beach”. The sunlight lightens up the cliffs in an array of colors, and when the sun drops, the sky turns a deep pink color. Be sure to check the tides before visiting because if it’s high tide, the best place to watch is from the stairs leading down to the beach. There is also a restaurant at the top of the cliffs called “7th Heaven Restaurant” with a platform over the cliff edge where you can watch the sunset. 

Corfu Sunset

Tourlitis Lighthouse, Andros

Andros is the second-largest of the Cycladic islands, and its sunsets are truly unique, with colors from orange to purple and every shade in between. The Tourlitis Lighthouse is the symbol of Andros Town and adds a romantic feeling to the sunsets. The lighthouse starts to glow when the sun sets and makes for an unforgettable evening. If you have time after visiting the lighthouse, you can visit Andros’s towns to see some of the most scenic white buildings in Greece.

Tourlitis Lighthouse Sunset

Chora, Folegandros

The island of Folegandros is not as well-known as the other Cycladic islands and is famous for its charming villages with white houses and rugged scenery. But the sunsets are the real highlight. The best place to get a glimpse of the setting sun is from the Church of Panagia over the capital town of Chora. From this viewpoint, you can see down to the old town and over the Aegean Sea. The white Cycladic-style houses glow when the sun drops into the sea.

Folegandros Sunset

Our Office, Thessaloniki

We might be a bit biased, but the view from the office at sunset time is our favorite sunset in Greece. Elxis’s Thessaloniki base is at Leoforos Nikis 3, a stone’s throw from the water’s edge, with a view of the Thermaikos Gulf and Mount Olympus in the distance. You are always welcome to stop by the offices for a non-committal consultation, or simply to enjoy the sunset with us.

Sunset from Elxis Offices, Thessaloniki

More Sunsets in Greece

Each of these sunset spots in Greece will leave you with unforgettable memories. Every traveler to Greece should have the experience of watching a Greek sunset, so make sure to leave time in your travel plans in the evening to enjoy these moments. Even if you can’t make it to one of these islands, there are hundreds of islands (or even thousands, according to some estimates) in Greece to choose for your next sunset. Read more about Greece’s hidden gem island destinations here.

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