International Schools in Crete

Overview of Education System in Greece

The education system in Greece is mainly made of public schools that are administered by the Ministry of Education. They dictate the curriculum, and public schools in Greece are generally free, including tuition and textbooks. Private and international schools usually (but not in every case) come with a cost. Education is required for all children in Greece from 6 to 15 years old.

Levels of the Greek Education System

  • Primary (“Dimotiko), from ages 6 to 14
  • Secondary Education, which has two stages: “Gymnasio” from 12-15 and “Lykeion” (academic high school) from 15-18. Lykeion can also be substituted with vocational training. 
  • Tertiary Education, provided by Universities or Polytechnics

International Schools in Greece

International schools are a great solution for expats if you want to continue your childrens’ education in Greece and the kids don’t speak Greek. International schools typically have English language curriculum, mainly focused on the UK or the American education system. Most students are international but there are a few locals too. 

Rethymno, Crete

Education Level in International Schools in Greece

Compared to public schools in Greece, International schools have smaller class sizes, better facilities, and extracurricular activities. Many international schools in Greece offer education from kindergarten all the way to high school. If you graduate from an International School in Greece, you will likely be accepted into top universities in the US and in Europe. 


Fees of International Schools in Greece

International Schools in Greece are naturally more expensive than public schools. Tuition ranges from 7000 to 13000 euros per year. 

Child in Chania, Crete

International Schools in Crete

Theodoropoulos School, Chania

Theodoropoulos School is a private school which has students from the age of 2 to 18. The main subjects taught are Maths, Modern Greek Language, Ancient Greek Language, Literature, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English, French, German, and ICT Studies. The school’s philosophy is to provide an education which is more well-rounded than the state curriculum in Greece, and to give students the ability to think critically.

Chania, Crete

Chania for Students

Chania provides an envious lifestyle year-round. Its cultural agenda is full, providing a diverse range of events for all tastes. Modern and ancient theater performances are on offer, along with live music events and art exhibitions. For something special, catch a movie at one of the two outdoor cinemas operating in the city. For beach-lovers, the sand of the Mediterranean is always nearby. 

Chania, Crete

The School of European Education of Heraklion

In another one of Crete’s main cities, Heraklion, the School of European Education (SEEH) is found in the old town, very close to the seaside. It is a Type II European School, which follows the curriculum of Schola Europaea but gets its funding from the Greek government.

Rethymno, Crete

SEEH Education

The school gives an English language education to children whose parents are nationals of other EU member countries, as well as a Greek education for Greek speakers. There are classes from nursery to high-school and students have second-language learning from first grade and third language starting in High School. The Nursery School is two years, Primary School is five years, and Secondary School is seven years. Students take the European Baccalaureate at age 18.


Students comes from many places across Europe, including the UK, Finland, Italy, Cyprus, Moldavia, and Greece. The students from SEEH are inspired by the education and form a love of Crete and of Greece.

Rethymno, Crete

Other International Schools in Greece

By far, the majority of International Schools in Greece are located in Athens. There are also a few located in Thessaloniki. Read on to discover all the International Schools in Athens.

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