Guide for Belgians: What it’s Like to Buy a Home in Crete

Are you Belgian and thinking about buying a home in Greece? You probably have many questions and unknowns: What are the biggest cultural differences between Greece and Belgium? Do I need to learn Greek? What part of Greece should I invest in if I’m Belgian? We answer these common questions in this article, with the help of our friends Loic and Stephanie, a Belgian couple who recently bought a home in Greece. 

Heraklion, Crete

About Loic and Stephanie 

Meet Loic and Stephanie, passionate travelers who fell head over heels for the beauty of Crete a few years ago. Having explored the island multiple times, they’ve cultivated a deep love for its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. We first met Loic and Stephanie at the Ghent Second Home Expo, where the couple came when first searching for a home.


They loved Crete so much that they started a Crete travel blog. Their mission with @crete_travel_guide is to share their firsthand experiences and insights to assist you in planning an unforgettable trip to Crete. Whether you’re seeking hidden gems, practical tips, or personalized recommendations, they’ve got you covered!


You can find Crete Travel Guide on Instagram. 

Loic and Stephanie
Loic and Stephanie

Buying a Home in Crete: Tips for Belgians 

This week, we connected with Loic to see why they bought a house in Crete, and what that process has been like.


As Belgians, What Made you Think About Buying a Home in Greece? 

At the moment, Loic and Stephanie are permanently based in Belgium. Their purpose is to relocate or move to Greece in a few years if possible. For now, they see the home as an investment.  


They travel back and forth, visiting Crete for vacation. As Loic told us when we sat down, “For now we had the opportunity to invest in Crete, this opportunity crossed our path and it was ideal for us because we were already looking for something to invest in.” 

Beach of Damnoni | Photo by Loic
Beach of Damnoni | Photo by Loic

Why Did you Choose Crete? 

Loic and Stephanie chose Crete because they had already visited the island a few times:

“We feel connected with Greece since we went on holiday for the first time. People ask us often why not in Spain or another country. It is the feeling. Each time we visited the island we were amazed by its beauty, friendly people and good food. Also, the weather is fantastic.”  


What was the Biggest Cultural Change? 

Loic and Stephanie don’t live full-time in Greece yet, but they have an idea of some of the changes which await them. For now, the biggest change for the pair is the language: “The language is difficult to learn. It will be the hardest part if we want to integrate in Crete. Even if the people speak English, it’s a bonus to speak the Greek language.” 

Mochlos, Crete
Village in Crete

Which is Better: Belgian or Greek Food? 

Loic sees the positives in the cuisine from both countries. “I don’t think there is better food, they are both very good but totally different.” Loic also commented that in Belgium, more butter and animal fats are used in comparison to the olive oil that is popular in Greek cooking. 


Do you Need to Speak Greek to Buy a Home in Greece? 

Loic noted that when working with Elxis, it’s not necessary to speak Greek: “When buying a house, it’s not mandatory to speak Greek because they handle everything for you and they even have some staff that speaks our own language.” Some of the paperwork for buying a home in Greece is only in Greek, so it is helpful to have a lawyer who speaks the language. 


Agia Galini, Crete

What was the Best Part about Buying a Home in Greece? 

The best part of buying a home in Greece is that “Elxis handles every administration for you, you don’t need to translate documents, and they offer very good service.” Of course, the end goal of having a home in Crete was a strong pull for Loic and Stephanie: “The best part is that you have a home on the beautiful island of Crete.” 


What was the Hardest Part about Buying a Home in Greece? 

Loic reflected on what it was like to buy a home in Greece coming from Belgium: “The hardest part is to trust the process and to invest your money abroad if you’re not used to it. We already knew Elxis and had read a lot of good things about them, but even it’s hard in the beginning to trust a company. However, from the moment you start putting your faith and money in their hands, you need to let go. It was the best choice we could have made.” 

Preveli Palm Forest, Crete

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