Where Did Elxis Travel in May?

Where did Elxis travel in May? Elxis’s team traveled thousands of kilometers in total. With offices in Thessaloniki, Crete, and The Netherlands, and a network of properties spread over 50+ towns spread all over Greece, Elxis’s team is always moving around to serve the needs of our clients. 

Who is Konstantinos? 

Konstantinos Gitsopoulos is a Sales Account Manager at Elxis. A young, ambitious, and inquisitive individual, he is fluent in Dutch, English, and Greek, and is the first point of contact for many clients. In his free time, he enjoys training and playing soccer, but he enjoys trying out other sports as well, as he believes that you lose more if you don’t try! 


Where did Konstantinos Travel in May? 

Konstantinos is no stranger to traveling all over Greece, sometimes taking single-day trips to Corfu and to Rhodes to serve clients on home viewings. This month, he visited Lefkada, Corfu, and Rhodes. 


Day 1: Thessaloniki -> Lefkada

Konstantinos started his journey in Thessaloniki, where Elxis’s Northern Greece team is based. He left early to get on the road, setting a course for Lefkada on the Ionian Coast. The trip’s goal was to assist Dutch clients as they viewed several homes in the region.  


Konstantinos spends at least a few days in western Greece every month when a client calls on him. The drive is a real pleasure, with many sights along the way while passing through Epirus and Thessaly. 


The first stop: coffee. Konstantinos stopped by a local kafeneion for a cold frappe. At Elxis’s offices in Thessaloniki, the coffee machine is always in high demand, so Konstantinos enjoyed his morning coffee in a new setting. He next stopped by the plot of Lefkas Bay Villas, where he connected with a client on a video call to share updates on the project. Later, Konstantinos took the ferry to Corfu, ending his day with dinner at the hotel restaurant.

The View in Lefkada | Photo by Konstantinos
The View in Lefkada | Photo by Konstantinos

Day 2: Corfu

Another full day was in store for Konstantinos. He started by heading to the client’s hotel in Pelekas to discuss in person the purchase stages for Corfu Sunset Villas. The group also shared lunch together before he went to Palaiokastritsa, one of Corfu’s most famous towns. 


While there, he stopped to take pictures and videos of a new property. Elxis takes extra effort to document the building of the properties available on the site, at the request of our clients. This process often saves time and provides a service for Dutch, German, and American clients who normally would need a long journey to see the plot in person.  

Taking Photos of the Plot
Taking Photos of the Plot | Photo by Konstantinos

After his stint as photographer, Konstantinos sat in a cafe at the beach to catch up on client requests (likely for a future trip!) and to enjoy a cold smoothie with a view of the Ionian coast. His evening was another highlight, since it featured Corfiot traditional food. Among the best flavors were Galeos fish and bourdeto, a traditional Corfiot dish. You can read more about Corfu’s unique dishes here. 

View from the Hotel | Photo by Konstantinos
View from the Hotel | Photo by Konstantinos

Days 3 & 4: Corfu -> Thessaloniki

Konstantinos’s final days on the Ionian coast were spent in Corfu, speaking both remotely and in-person with clients. One highlight was in Agios Giorgos, where he met with 2 clients on the plot of Corfu Sunset Villas, a pair of luxury villas which were recently sold. Konstantinos couldn’t resist stopping in Corfu Town to get a few souvenirs for friends and family before catching the ferry back to Igoumenitsa.  

Coffee on the Beach | Photo by Konstantinos
Coffee on the Beach | Photo by Konstantinos

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