Why To Plan Your Viewing Trip to Greece in the Winter

If you’re searching for a home in Greece, usually spring and summer come to mind as the best time to schedule viewings of homes in Greece. However, with the colder weather in the winter and the Christmas atmosphere, the winter can surprisingly be a great time to tour properties. In this article, we share eight benefits of touring homes in the winter in Greece.

Village in Peloponnese

Mild Weather

While the weather in Greece in the summer is great for sitting on the beach, it is not fun to run between properties under the hot Greek sun. You would be surprised how many property viewings in Greece in the summer start late because “the clients were coming from the beach.” We completely empathize with the motivation – with the hot sun and relaxed pace of life during summer in Greece, combined with crowded amenities, making time to view a home can be hard. The mild winter weather in Greece is ideal for viewing homes.  

Village in Crete

Rental Properties are Vacant

Many properties in popular locations in Greece – especially in the islands – tend to be occupied in the summer. If the owners of the home aren’t there themselves in July and August, they are likely renting it to families on holiday. So, if your goal is to buy a home with high rental potential, you may not be able to see the home in the summertime. The winter will have more days open for you to visit. The handover process is also easier in the winter, since there are not visitors coming and going from the home.

Cheaper Travel 

Air fares are usually cheaper in the winter compared to the summer months in Greece. This excludes a few days immediately around Christmas time. At the same time, Airbnbs and hotels are cheaper and easier to book in the winter. Your hosts will probably be more flexible on check in and check out times, and will be grateful for your business outside of the peak season. Because Greeks are so hospitable, this means the host may be able to pick you up from the ferry, offer extra amenities, or sit with you for a coffee and tell you about the area. 


There is one exception to this rule: If the home you are interested in viewing is in a remote area of Greece or on a small island, it may take longer to arrive because some of Greece’s smaller airports only operate during the summer.

Less Competition

One of the other advantages of touring properties in the winter in Greece is that you will have less competition. It will likely be easier to schedule a viewing and you will have more negotiating power because you will compete with fewer buyers. So, you may save money on your new home if you view homes in the winter in Greece.

Milos Island

Motivated Sellers

Sellers who put their property up for sale in the winter usually have a good reason to do so, since it’s not the most common time to list a home in Greece. Some reasons for selling could be job relocation, downsizing, or retirement. These sellers might be more willing to negotiate on price to make a faster sale. So, you will have a better negotiating position. 

Better Idea of Property Condition

If you are planning to live in Greece long-term, the winter months can show you what it is like to live in Greece outside of peak tourist season. The property’s insulation, heating, and other appliances will all be tested in the winter. So, you can see how the home handles the cold and see if any problems need solving. 


In addition, you can see how the pace of life and services in the area change when tourists have left. For example, some restaurants and amenities may close, depending on where your home is located. Viewing homes in the winter will help you make an informed decision on the purchase of your home in Greece.

Vathia, Mani
Vathia, Peleponnese

Better Staffing

In the summer in Greece, most notaries – which are required for the completion of a property transaction in Greece – usually stop working for some part of the summer. Therefore, the property transfer process may be faster in the winter. The same is true in general for public services, like the tax office and the municipality.  

Time for a City Trip 

The winter in Greece is an ideal time to combine a viewing trip with a stay in one of Greece’s largest cities, like Athens or Thessaloniki. In the summer, it is very hot in the city, and even the locals leave for the beach or the islands. Sightseeing in the city is possible but you will face many crowds. In contrast, Christmastime in Athens and Thessaloniki is full of charm and delicious Christmas sweets. 


Also worth a visit are the Carnival festivities in Patras (Western Greece) and Rethymnon, Crete, which typically happen in late February or early March. If you’re planning a viewing trip to Greece in the start of the new year, make sure to add these destinations to your itinerary!

Syntagma Square, Athens

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