The Best Season to Visit Greece

If you’re wondering when is the best time to visit Greece, the answer you get may vary depending on your goals, how many people you’re traveling with, and your budget. 

In general, there’s not a bad time to visit Greece. If you want to enjoy the beach and you don’t mind crowds, the summer is the ideal time to visit. If your goal is sightseeing with comfortable (but not unbearable) weather, it’s best to travel in the late spring or the early fall, once the crowds have left.


Although Greece is not a particularly large country, it pays to check your exact destination for average temperatures before booking. 

What are the Most Popular Months to Visit?

For tourists, the most popular months to visit are in the late spring, summer, and early fall. All restaurants and entertainment are generally open for business after being closed for some of the winter. 


Based on data from 2019, before the pandemic (tourism dropped dramatically during the pandemic), August saw 5.45 million travelers coming to Greece. The next most popular month was September, with just shy of 4 million visitors and 2 million in October. The winter is a far cry from the summer months, with 500,000 visitors coming to Greece in January. 


Greece in the Summer

Yes, you can visit in the height of the summer, but be aware that the average temperature on the islands is 27-28 degrees. You will almost exclusively want to be at the beach or indoors. The positive of this weather is that the average sea temperature is comfortable, at almost 25 degrees. Also, in July, the Greek islands only have 1 day of rain on average. The crowds of the summer in Greece will be substantial, because millions of visitors want to go to the islands of Greece in the summer, like Mykonos, Santorini, and Paros


The most visited areas in the summer during high season are the Cyclades and Crete. Regular ferries connect the islands during the summer so that you can go island hopping, and the windy islands of the Cyclades, like Paros and Naxos, are great for wind and water sports. They are also the islands with some of the most beautiful white buildings in Greece.

Mykonos in the Summer

Greece in the Spring

Spring is the best time to visit Athens, when city temperatures are more comfortable than in the summer. Also, tourist spots like the Acropolis are not as crowded in the spring as they are in the summer. A spring trip to Greece is ideal because you get the best of both worlds: All restaurants and entertainment venues are open, but you’ll also be able to enjoy Greece’s sights without masses of tourists.

Santorini Flowers

Greece in the Autumn

Autumn in Greece is a less popular time to visit Greece compared to the summer, but it is no less beautiful. The countryside turns red and golden brown and the landscape becomes a beautiful scene. You will definitely get a different perspective of Greece. This is an ideal time to visit Meteora in the north or one of the Cycladsic islands, because the crowds of tourists will have left. 

Meteora in the Autumn

Greece in the Winter

You can visit Greece in the winter if you want to avoid the crowds. However, be aware that some venues and hotels close for the winter because of the drop in demand. If you’re visiting the mainland, be aware that in the North, the temperature can drop to freezing in Epirus and Thessaly, where sometimes there is snow. The average temperatures in winter are about 50 degrees. 

Winter in Crete

Other Considerations

Cheapest Months to Visit Greece

Data from Skyscanner shows that September, October, and November are the most cost-effective times to book a trip to Greece. 


Visiting During Greek Holidays

Holidays in Greece are a fun, festive atmosphere, especially on the Greek islands and in the villages. Easter weekend is the biggest holiday of the year, and locals often leave the city to go to the islands. At this time, it is hard to find a place to stay, so be sure to book early to beat the crowds.


Best Time For Hiking Greece

For those who like hiking in Greece’s mountains, it’s best to avoid the heat of the summer. April and May are the best time to hike in Greece’s mountains because wildflowers are blooming and the weather is not too extreme. 


Best Time to View a Home in Greece

The spring and autumn are generally the best times to tour a home in Greece. The weather is comfortable, the crowds are smaller, and it’s generally cheaper to travel when compared to the summer. In the summer, temperatures are high and it can be tiring to view homes in the heat. In addition, some real estate offices will be closed in August. Lawyers and notaries will be on vacation, so signing a power of attorney may be delayed.


Viewing Homes in the Winter

House tours in the winter are mainly for those searching for permanent homes. Visiting during the off-season gives you an idea of what your future home will be like for a part of the year, outside of the summer high season. Many towns transform beginning in the fall. Student communities return to their universities, tourists go home, some shops close for the off-season, and local life takes on a predictable routine. Think of the winter like a “worst-case scenario” test – the weather may be rainy and some of the most popular summer restaurants may be closed. It’s the true test of whether you will like living there year-round. 

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