Sifnos Travel Guide

What is so unique about this tiny island in the Cyclades, and why is it suddenly getting popular in 2024? Recently, Margot Robbie and Dua Lipa, two international celebrities, were seen on Sifnos, an idyllic Greek island with a population of 2500 people and crystal clear waters. Why did they come to this tiny island in the Aegean instead of going to Mykonos or Santorini

Kamares Bay, Sifnos

About Sifnos

The island of Sifnos is known for its connection with Nikos Tselementes, a chef who is considered the founder of modern Greek cooking. He was born in Sifnos in 1878 and his 1950 cookbook gained international fame. It was the first Greek cookbook to be translated into English. Over 100,000 copies were sold in his lifetime, and it is said that every Greek housewife owned a copy at one point in time. 


The charm of Sifnos comes from the slow lifestyle and feeling of privacy. Because there is no airport and the island can only be reached by boat, Sifnos is an ideal spot for nature lovers and for travelers who don’t like to have any agenda. 

Cheronissos, Sifnos

Best Restaurants in Sifnos

One of the best-known restaurants in Sifnos is Omega 3, a rustic spot that is said to have the best seafood. Jeff Bezos ate here last year. Also, the restaurant “Cantina” is popular because Barack Obama and Tom Hanks ate there. 


Food in Sifnos

Some of the most famous ingredients used in Sifnos are connected with what is available from the land. Tangy caper salads, chickpea soups, and local fish are a popular choice. Chickpea stew is a popular dish for Sunday lunch. The beans are stewed overnight and are typically gathered after church on Sunday morning. Supposedly, the dish is made more tasty by cooking it in rainwater.

Nikos Tselementes – Greek Cookery

Although Tselementes’s book, Greek Cookery, is so famous in Greece, he originally did not think highly of the Greek traditional cuisine. He was more likely to speak highly about the fancy dishes he learned in Vienna and New York. He would choose bechamel and butter over olive oil and spices in most of his recipes. 


Along with the food in Sifnos, artisan ceramic dishes have been produced on the island for hundreds of years. They used to be exported all over the Mediterranean and in the past, it seemed like the whole island of Sifnos was in the business of selling ceramics – not just potters, but also boat captains, mule drivers, and local businessmen. Today, you can buy terracotta and other ceramic dishes locally in Sifnos.

Chickpea Stew

What to do in Sifnos

Visit Kastro

On this hill in Sifnos, you will find the walled village of Kastro, which was once a medieval town and features magnificent arches and old stone cottages. You can take a wandering trail around the village towards the sea, where you will find the Eptamartyrou Chapel. Nearby is also the port of Seralia, which is known for its ouzeries. 

Eptamartyra Chapel

Explore Vathi Bay

Above the village of Vathi is a breathtaking view. The bay of Vathi is known for its calm, deep blue waters. The white and blue Church of the Archangels can be found on the dock and marks the end of the beach. Nearby, you will find excellent seafood restaurants, which are a great place to go for an evening walk.


Spend the Evening in Apollonia

Apollonia is the main town of Sifnos, arguably with the best restaurants and coziest cafes on the island. Most of your days will likely end up here, where you can take a walk through the narrow streets and stop by the many chapels, boutiques, and stone homes. Several small restaurants in Apollonia are known for their cocktails, their excellent ouzo, and their sunset views. 

Apollonia, Sifnos

How to Get to Sifnos

Sifnos island has daily ferries from the port of Piraeus in Athens. It takes about 4 to 8 hours to get there, depending on the type of boat. Sifnos is also connected with other islands in the Cyclades, like Milos, Kimolos, and Serifos. Sometimes in the high season, there are also ferries from Lavrion, which is on the southern side of Attica, south of Athens. Sifnos does not have an airport, so you cannot reach the island with a flight. 

The Church of Seven Martyrs in Kastro

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