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Vangelis Nastos | Partner

General Director & Partner


Vangelis Nastos

Vangelis is the General Director and Partner at Elxis.

In other words, he is the omnipresent force behind the vision.

He completed his European studies, specializing in European Law at the University of Amsterdam. He moved on to become a certified translator and formed his own company that provided translation services of a legal nature to companies, law offices, the Dutch Ministry of Justice, and other organizations.

Real Estate has always been his passion and in the late ‘90’s he was attracted by Giorgos’s vision and they collaborated to breathe life into their common goals.

He settled into real estate in 2003, when he became a partner in Elxis and he really made the company stand out with his unparallel ability to see and capture opportunities that will provide value to all involved.

Based in the Netherlands, he divides his time between Utrecht and Thessaloniki, between business and his family. He always manages to be ever-present to ensure smooth operation of all business activities. He stands behind each team member and provides generous know-how and genuine support, guaranteeing excellence for the services, and growth for the people.

In his free time, he likes to capture moments through the photographic lens of his camera. Vangelis makes sure that, just like in business, nothing worth capturing will remain hidden.

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