Top Areas in Greece to Buy a Home: Rhodes (Feat. Rania)

Why should I buy a home in Rhodes? How does it rank compared to other destinations in Greece for me? In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of Rhodes with the help of Rania, Greek travel blogger who has lived in six countries and is the creator of Bachelor of Travel.

Who is Rania?

Rania is the creator of Bachelor of Travel. It is a site “dedicated to travel stories, adventures and to how our perception can transform the mundane into something magical.”


Rania was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece but was fortunate to call 6 countries home before her 18th birthday. Rania introduces herself on The Bachelor of Travel: “I am looking forward to discovering more of our planet’s destinations in the years to come. When I’m not working I am travelling around Greece showing visitors the beauty of my native land. In addition to the Bachelor of Travel, I also write for Definitely Greece, a boutique travel operator.”


You can find Rania on her blog: Bachelor of Travel

About Rhodes

Rhodes Island, known for its medieval architecture and castles, is the 4th largest island of Greece and the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, located in the Aegean Sea. Rhodes has been inhabited since the Neolithic period (4000 B.C) and due to its size and location, it has been famous throughout history.


Today, Rhodes Island is one of the top vacation destinations in Europe due to its uniqueness! Rhodes offers something for every taste; the cosmopolitan and traditional are blended into what locals call “life on Rhodes”. Whether it’s fine dining or going to a taverna; the taste of Rhodes is outstanding! Among other activities, some of the most popular are sailing, boat renting, scuba diving, exploring the ancient ruins, going for a 4×4 adventure, clubbing, and shopping.

Bachelor of Travel

Rhodes Old Town

Rhodes Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage Site and one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe, attracting millions of visitors every year. Stone-paved alleys and elegant mansions create a sense of having gone back in time, while the renowned Street of the Knights has been restored to the exact shape and size it had in the Middle Ages.



The village of Lindos is known for its so-called “captain’s houses”, which were homes of wealthy Lindian seafarers from the 16th and 17th century. They were often decorated with Gothic, Byzantine, or Arab architectural features, and had a special room called the “captain’s room”. The courtyards were often rich with flowers and special black and white pebble mosaics. They are called “chochlakia” and sometimes showed how many ships the captain owned.

Bachelor of Travel
Bachelor of Travel

Rhodes Countryside

Outside the city of Rhodes, the island is dotted with small villages full of white-washed homes and resorts, among them Faliraki, Lindos, Kremasti, Haraki, Pefkos and Afantou. 


Outside of the urban centers, the living remains authentic for those wanting to take in the Greek traditions and lifestyle. This is most evident in the delicious Greek food which is made from local produce and often relies on recipes passed down from generation to generation.


The interior of the island is mountainous, sparsely inhabited and covered with pine and cypress trees. While the shores are rocky, the island has arable strips of land where citrus fruit, grapes, vegetables, olives and other crops are grown. Rhodes is also home to a large number of flowering plants. 

Bachelor of Travel
Bachelor of Travel

Rhodes Beaches

With over 40 world-class beaches on the island, swimmers are spoilt for choice. 

Spectacular beaches and sandy coves can be easily found at spots such as Tsambika, Saint Paul’s bay, Ladiko and Kallithea. The southernmost point of Rhodes, such as Prassonisi, is ideal for windsurfing and kite surfing.


Rhodes Weather  

When it comes to soaking in the sun, Rhodes is one of the hottest islands in Greece. The island has typically a Mediterranean climate, featuring warm to hot summers and mild, tolerable, and mildly frosty winters.


Rainfall in Rhodes is moderate and occurs mostly during the winters, rarely in summer when days providing 12 hours of sunshine are common. The sea is warm enough for swimming from May to October, reaching 26 °C in August.

Rating Rhodes for Foreigners

Rating Methodology

How did we decide what factors are most important for home buyers in Greece? To solve this challenge, we first asked our sales and legal team, who offer consultation and legal handling to dozens of clients (both those who do and don’t purchase a property). We then combined this data with a small survey of clients who ultimately purchased a home to find out their highest priorities.


Sea View

Rhodes has some of the most sea views of any island in Greece, with about 250 kilometers of coastline. The coastal areas of Rhodes are excellent for homes with sea views. Some popular areas to get a sea view in Rhodes are Lindos, Gennadi, and Monolithos.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Direct Flights

From most European hubs like Munich, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Zurich, and Madrid, you can fly directly to Rhodes. If there is not a direct flight near you, it is easy to take a one-hour flight from Athens to Rhodes. The island is truly best explored by car since there is not a lot of public transport.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Property Prices

Prices in Rhodes highly depend on the area where you buy a home. According to national averages from Spitogatos, average prices are 1700-2100 Euros per square meter.


Compared to other popular islands in Greece, like Mykonos and Santorini, prices in Rhodes are lower. For example, average prices in the Cycladic Islands are 3500 Euros per square meter, according to Spitogatos.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Internet Speed

Internet Speeds are available in Rhodes via Speedtest by Ookla. The average speed is 50 MBPS. Compared to other areas of Greece, this is average.

Rating: 8 out of 10


English Speakers and Expatriate Community

This area of Greece is well-known among tourists, especially from the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, who love the long summer season and often buy vacation homes with a sea view. Rhodes is gaining popularity for foreign investors in real estate, so you can definitely expect to find English-speakers.

Rating: 9 out of 10


Rhodes Overall Rating for Foreigners: 9.3/10

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