Second Home Expo Comes to Maastricht

What is the Second Home Expo? 

At The Second Home Expo, you discover how to achieve your dream of owning a second home. With a selection of 150,000 holiday homes in more than 25 countries under one roof, you have access to all the industry experts in one place. As a home seeker, it’s the ideal place to start your home hunting. There are six expos every year spread across the Netherlands and Belgium, and Elxis has participated in every one since its inception.


Think of it like speed dating, where you have a wide selection of properties available. A series of stands are set up in the main hall, and you are free to walk around and speak with exhibitors or other event participants. The event has been going since 1995, growing today to be one of the largest international home fairs in Europe, now with over 150 exhibitors.

Elxis Stand at the Second Home Fair

How Can I Get Tickets for the Second Home Expo?

You can get 2 tickets free of charge for the next Second Home Expo by following the link below. 

Will Elxis be at Second Home Expo Maastricht?

Yes, Elxis will be present with a team of experts from both our Netherlands and Greece-based offices. Moreover, Giorgos Gavriilidis, Greek lawyer and CEO of Elxis, will give a seminar in Dutch on the purchase of homes in Greece on Saturday and Sunday at 14:05. 


Who Else Will Speak at Second Home Expo Maastricht?

On Saturday at 12:00, the Dutch Secretary of Tax Matters Marnix van Rij will give a talk on recent tax changes for second homes in the Netherlands. You can find the full list of speakers here.

Elxis Seminar at the Second Home Expo

Why Go to the Second Home Expo?

If you are considering buying a home in Greece, a visit to the Second Home Expo may save you a lot of time and money. Travelling to view properties in Greece takes effort, and while Greece is one of the best places in the world to visit, you may not have time to visit properties in person, depending on your work or personal commitments. Consulting with us beforehand means you can narrow down your research and make an educated decision about where to plan your next viewing trip. 

How to Get to Second Home Expo

By car

As you approach Maastricht, you will see ‘MECC’ indicated on motorway signs; these will guide you to the MECC Maastricht car parks. Coming from Amsterdam/Eindhoven, take exit 55 (Randwyck-MECC) and from Paris-Liège take exit 56 (Gronsveld-MECC).


By bus

A bus leaves every five minutes from Maastricht city centre or Maastricht Central Station headed to MECC Maastricht (Forum MECC bus stop).


By train

The Maastricht-Randwyck train station is 250 metres from MECC Maastricht and is connected to an international rail network. There are also regular connections to Maastricht Central Station, part of the (inter)national rail network.

On the website of the Dutch railways, NS, you can easily buy e-tickets for your train journey. If you are travelling by bus, go to 9292.nl for detailed information about travelling by public transport.


Parking at Second Home Expo

You can pay for your parking ticket online in advance. Parking at MECC Maastricht costs € 4 per hour, with a maximum of € 19 per calendar day. Parking is free when you leave the car park within 30 minutes. Bicycle parking is free. The bicycle parking facility is located under the Maastricht Passage.

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