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Evi Mystridou | Lawyer


Evi Mystridou

Challenges are what Evi thrives on. And if they are law-related, even better. Her tasks involve overseeing the legal process required when customers buy and sell homes, breaking down complicated issues into easy-to-understand information. She has been helping clients make decisions with confidence at Elxis since 2019. Previously she worked with several law firms obtaining experience in the courts and on the land registry. She speaks Greek and English. In her studies, she acquired a law degree and then went further and tackled more complex legal issues acquiring a Masters degree in law and medicine.

After hours, she unwinds by going on long walks and visiting the gym – weights are her favorite. If she had a second chance, would she do it all again? Absolutely, she says: “The legal profession is my one-way road to life”.

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