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Evi Mystridou | Lawyer


Evi Mystridou

Evi Mystridou is a Lawyer in the Elxis Legal department.

She has studied Law in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has pursued her LLM through the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program of the Department of Medicine on the Legal Regulation and bioethical dimension of Modern Medical Practices.

Not a person to shy away from a good law-related challenge, she has been focusing on Real Estate Law and the Land Registry Office procedures working in law firms for several years. She is an expert in overseeing the legal process that needs to be implemented when it comes to property purchase and sale. She is highly skilled in breaking down complicated tasks into small and easy to understand information, which is a prerequisite in providing clients with an experience that builds trust and has efficient and prosperous results.

Weightlifting is her activity of choice for her free time, as it presents a challenge and an opportunity to explore new physical and personal boundaries.

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