Electric Ferries in Greece

The ferry route between Paros and Antiparos island could be the first electric ferry route in Greece. Paros is known as one of the most popular islands in the Cyclades, offering one of the highest yields in the country, next only to Mykonos. Antiparos is home to Tom Hanks’s vacation home, where he recently hosted Barack Obama.

Paros Island

The electric ferry project is called “Transport Electrification on Sea and Land in Antiparos” (TESLA). The two islands are not far apart, and the ferry ride only takes 7 minutes, leaving frequently during the tourist season. The project is run by the Municipality of Antiparos and the Paros-Antiparos Ferry Cooperative, with the goal of making one of the four ferries which run the route electric. Next, the municipality’s vehicles will become all-electric.


Electric charging stations will be installed in different areas of the island, with the goal of reducing emissions both on land and at sea. At the same time, a solar station is proposed to power four municipal buildings. 

Solar Power Station

The ferry is planned to be ready in 2026, and it will be the first fully electric, zero-emission ship in Greece. The goal is for Antiparos to inspire other islands with similar size across Greece and the European Union to find similar solutions. The local authorities also want Paros and Antiparos to become eco-friendly destinations for tourists, so that new jobs can be created for locals. 

Timeline of Electric Ferries in Greece 

December 2019

In 2019, the first electric boat project in Greece was started, researching the costs of electric ships. The project was started by the municipalities of AIGIO and Agios Nikolaos Doridos. They decided to explore converting a conventional ship and estimated the cost at 5 million euros.


July 2022

Greece’s Saronic Ferries partnered with C-Job Naval Architects to design Greece’s first fully electric ferry. So far, electric ferries are mostly in use on coastal routes. The hope is to create a ship that can travel in harsh weather, which is sometimes true for islands in the Aegean. The proposed design would carry 800 people and hold 90 cars.


August 2022

The Greek Company Saronic Ferries announced its collaboration with the Norwegian Classification Society DNV GL at the Posidonia 2022 trade fair with a clear scope to develop an electric ferry for short routes in the Argosaronikos Bay region. Saronic Ferries plans to have a completely electric ferry fleet by 2040. It will replace all of its current ships with emissions-free ships over the next 25 years.

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