A pink beauty: Elafonissi Beach


One of the nicest beaches is said to be Elafonissi Beach on Crete. Of course, there is no arguing about taste, however, let’s take a look at why it is considered such a magical place…

Elafonissi consist of a small islet full of white and pink sandy beaches. The beach is almost a mile long and there is much to explore: a number of small coves, sandy beaches and interesting rock formations. You can also get to the Elafonissi island on foot because the waters are shallow. The island received its name from the Greek word ‘elafi’ meaning ‘deer’, because people discovered that you can easily get to the island on foot, like a deer that walked to it. The island is a Natura 2000 protected zone. The pink colour is actually caused by the many broken shea shells it contains.

At 5 km north of Elafonissi, one can visit the Chrysoskalitisa monastery. The legend says that the last step of the staircase leading to the monastery is gold but can only be seen by those who really believe in God.

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