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Trinity Hills Rethymnon

From € 478.000
A limited collection of 9 contemporary villas located on Crete, 12 km away from Rethymnon ...
3 2 125 details

Penthouse in Pogonia

€ 280.000
Located 600 m from the beach, this first-floor apartment offers direct views of the Ionian ...
2 2 83 details

Villa Aphrodite in Prines

€ 330.000
This home fills you with anticipation for summer. With its verdant landscape, the soothing ...
2 1 91 details

Sunny Days 4

From € 263.000
Sunny Days are here again! After the success of the last three Sunny Days projects, this i ...
2 1 70 details

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Real Estate Consultancy in Greece

Do you want to buy a home in Greece? At Elxis – At Home in Greece, we take you step by step through purchasing a house in Greece. Start by clicking on ‘Properties’ and then on the region where you want to buy a home. Our team of experts can advise on your investment, helping you view properties, prepare the required documents, and negotiate the price. We guide you through the process in your desired language: English, Dutch, Greek, or German – so that you spend less time translating and more times turning your dream home in Greece into reality.

Our 20/20 legal checks offer peace of mind

Legal Handling

Buying a house in Greece without knowledge of the Greek system and the Greek language is difficult. That is why we take care of the complete legal process with our experienced multilingual in-house team of lawyers. Cadastral surveys? 40-page contracts? Notary deeds? It’s all covered. Our multilingual team of experts know Greek law and Greek real estate inside out. You are kept well informed throughout the legal process so that your real estate dream in Greece comes true.

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Selling Your House in Greece

Do you want to sell your home in Greece? With more than 30 years of experience, we take you step by step through selling a house in Greece. We have in-depth knowledge of the Greek law and a large network of potential buyers, on both the mainland and the islands. We can guide you professionally in every phase and in every issue of selling your home in Greece.

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Background information on Greece and more

Left: Corfu's 2 peaks, depicted in 1600 | Right: Modern-day Corfu

How Did the Greek Islands Get Their Names?

Where Do Greek towns get their names? Why does it feel like every town I pass in Greece starts with “Agios”? Why is Mykonos called Mykonos? And why is Santorini called Santorini? In ancient Greece, did Greek islands have the same name as they do today? All your questions about the names of islands and towns in Greece are answered

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Why You Need to Visit a Periptero in Greece

The humble periptero (or plural, “periptera”) is a must-visit during your time in Greece. Usually, visitors to Greece think about major tourism sites like the Acropolis and Delphi. However, if you want a truly authentic experience, you need to visit the nearest periptero.  What is a Periptero? Imagine a tiny supermarket, selling everything from magazines to yoghurt to tissues to

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Our newest listings

Villa Neratzies

€ 420.000
Villa Neratzies, a short 850-meter stroll from the sandy beaches and the heart of the trad ...
3 2 175 details

Villa Leisure Gate

€ 595.000
Located less than 1 km from the beach, this 123 sqm undercut villa overlooks the town of N ...
3 2 123 details

Tapia Countryside Villa

€ 465.000
PROPERTY UNDER OFFER: This property is reserved by another party. If you are interested in ...
5 4 207 details

Magnolia Cottage in Evia

€ 276.000
Located no more than 600 m from the beach, this property offers a serene atmosphere and a ...
3 2 133 details

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