Where did Elxis Travel in February?

Elxis’s team traveled a combined 1500 kilometers this month. With offices in Thessaloniki, Crete, and The Netherlands, and a network of properties spread over 50+ towns spread all over Greece, Elxis’s team is always moving around. Here’s where we visited in February.

George In Ioannina

George Gavriilidis is the head of the legal team at Elxis, managing a 6-person team of legal experts. In the scope of his work, George often coordinates external notaries, engineers, accountants and lawyers on behalf of clients. His recent day trip to Ioannina is a perfect example, where he traveled to sign a purchase deed on behalf of a client.


George traveled from Thessaloniki to Ioannina, one of the gems of Northern Greece. It is famous for its historical sights, stunning lake, and access to Greece’s picturesque northern mountains. George describes his day’s travels:

Photo Credit: George Gavriilidis

“I left early in the morning, and had a nice drive of almost 3 hours through the beautiful, snow-covered mountains of Epirus to Ioannina. I met the developer, we had some discussion about the progress of the project and then both went to the notary’s office, where we read and signed the purchase deed.


After the signing process was successfully completed, I took some time to visit the beautiful sights of Ioannina, and returned home in the evening.”


Photo Credit: George Gavriilidis

Kostas In Kos

Kostas Rakitzis, as one of Elxis’s most tenured legal experts, has worked with clients from all over Greece (and all over Europe!). As an avid cyclist and mountain climber, Kostas loves the opportunity to travel to different areas of Greece. On his latest trip to Kos, a small island in the Aegean that is popular among Dutch clients, Kostas relished his off-work hours.


“When I arrived, I walked around the harbour, where you’ll find the Castle of the Knights, the marina of Kos, and the Hippocrates’ plane tree. It is said that Hippocrates taught medicine to his students here.”

Photo Credit: Kostas Rakitzis
Photo Credit: Kostas Rakitzis

“Not far away, I admired the Muslim mosque of Loggia, and strolled to the centre of Kos town, where Kal Salom synagogue is located, as well as the Orpheus Cinema, which operates as a winter and summer cinema.” 


Kostas then took a break at a small cafe – The town was quiet since the tourist season starts around the end of April, and the peace of the island was disturbed only by the comings and goings of the winter locals. 

Photo Credit: Kostas Rakitzis
Photo Credit: Kostas Rakitzis

Izi in Pelion

Izi Revach, the newest member of the Thessaloniki legal team, recently visited an area that has fond memories for him- South Pelion. Pelion is popular among Dutch and Belgian clients for its sea views, traditional Greek food, and the commanding presence of Mount Pelion.


“I have been going to Pelion since I was a kid. This time, I stopped in Argalasti to conduct a legal check in the competent Land Registry of Argalasti. The Land Registry check includes the check of the previous deeds and land owners to ensure that the properties are free of encumbrances.”

Photo Credit: Izi Revach

While not working, Izi enjoyed the culinary delights of the region, like a savory pie from a traditional bakery and a sweet orange pie for dessert – one of his personal favorites.


“What I loved the most was the weather. It seemed like spring. Pelion is a place that combines mountain and sea and that is why I love it. Not a lot of people were there so it was quiet and calm as well.”

Photo Credit: Izi Revach

Katharina Visits Vatolakko

As the newest member of the Elxis team in Crete, and an avid traveler who has lived in Germany and Australia in the past, Katharina thoroughly enjoys traveling around Crete for client needs. Crete is Greece’s largest island, and Elxis’s 5-person Crete team has traveled to its every corner. Katharina’s latest trips were to show properties around Chania and Rethymnon.


“On my most recent journey, I visited the Saint George Monastery. The nuns there gave us some olives and raki. I couldn’t imagine a more hospitable Cretan welcome! I was amazed by the monastery buildings and surrounding gardens. After this, we went for lunch to the beautiful village of Vryses to sit by the river and eat pancetta – one of my personal favorites!”

Photo Credit: Katharina Rienets

On a separate leg of the journey, Katharina did some cultural exploring at Vatolakko, where the area is known for a river walk with a scenic treehouse and a life-size statue of a woman carved out of wood. The walk starts in the town of Vatolakkos from the Olive and Oil Museum.


“The path is really beautiful, especially in the winter months along the river. You pass avocados, mandarins, and oranges on the right side, and to the left you have the river and a jungle-like terrain.”

Photo Credit: Katharina Rienets

Is Elxis Visiting my Area Soon?

To find out if Elxis will be in your area next month, connect with our team at contact@elxis.com.

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