Top Travel Trends in 2024, According to Expedia

What does Expedia, one of the largest booking sites in the world, tell us about the biggest travel trends coming next year? Using data from over 20,000 of its travellers, Expedia Group tells us what is coming for travel in 2024. 

Amorgos Island

Visiting Movie Sets

Travellers now have more interest in visiting their favourite movie sets. Some examples include the Sicily Hotel, which is featured in The White Lotus, as well as Malta’s filming locations for Gladiator 2. Some fan favourites also include Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia. Some of the most famous filming locations in Greece include the White House in Kalami Bay on Corfu (where “Meet the Durrells” was filmed), the island of Amorgos (where “The Big Blue” was filmed), and the Cretan Stavros Beach (where “Zorba the Greek” did his famous dance).  

the beach where Zorba the Greek was filmed
The Beach of Zorba the Greek in Crete

Trick Destinations

What is this trend about? On TikTok and social media in general, we find top destinations that everyone seems to want to go to. As a result, smart travellers are searching for lookalikes to these locations, which are more affordable and less busy. For example, instead of visiting Santorini, you could visit a nearby island in the Cyclades, like Paros or Naxos, that have a similar beauty but without the high price tag. 


Travel Occasions of Every Kind

In 2024, travellers will likely not need a major event, like a wedding or a honeymoon, to travel. Unusual occasions like dog anniversaries, first date anniversaries, promotion celebrations, or even a celebration for quitting a job, will all become a normal reason to travel. One in four respondents to the survey said that were looking for “any excuse” to go on a trip with their loved ones, and one in three said they plan to make more trips than in 2023. 

Detox Destinations

More and more travelers are starting low or no-alcohol holidays, as a way to go sober. Hotels.com found in research that 40 percent of 20,000 travelers in a survey said that they would likely book a detox trip in the next year, and half said they would stay at hotels with alcohol-free drink options. 


In Greece, good opportunities for detox are available in the serene Greek islands, where nature calms and soothes you. Especially in the car-less Greek islands like Spetses and Hydra, you will find yourself leading a slower pace of life. Your only barrier to detox will be the good-natured hospitality of local Greeks, who might offer a shot of Ouzo or Tsipouro with your meal at a taverna. 

Hydra Island

Outside Amenities

According to Expedia, travellers are prioritising outdoor amenities for recreation. For example, they might actively look for pickleball courts, ping-pong tables, and outdoor hot tubs as features in 2024. In their survey data, Expedia reveals that 42 percent of travellers book holiday homes that offer amenities they cannot afford at home or would like to try before buying. 


One-third of survey respondents also said they would choose a home with outdoor amenities so that they don’t need to leave the property. In Greece, you will often find homes with many outdoor amenities on the island of Crete because the sunny season is so long. Notos Estate Management, for example, offers several rental villas near the coast with outdoor living spaces.

Villa Hestia, Notos Estate Management

AI-Assisted Travel

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT will be used more and more when travelling. In 2023, 6 percent of travellers used ChatGPT to plan their travels. However, data shows that this number could increase – half of the travellers are interested in using generative AI to plan their next trip in 2024. 

Stavros Niarchos Foundation

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