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Panos Stogiannos | Intake & Acquisitions Coordinator

Intake & Acquisitions Coordinator

Panos Stogiannos

Panos Stogiannos is an Intake & Acquisitions Coordinator at Elxis.

Panos has a BA in Philosophy and Mathematics from the University of London and an MPhil in Philosophy from the University of Reading.

He has a profound love for language and extensive experience in translations through collaborations with major translating agencies in Thessaloniki, Athens, and Cyprus for the Legal, Financial and Technical field. He has also been involved in Real Estate Development initiatives for the private sector.

A citizen of the world and a free spirit, his focus at Elxis is market research and communication with customers, always prioritizing the provision of high-quality services to clients and acquisition of high-end properties for Elxis.

His great appreciation for the Arts combined with his understanding of Philosophy has given him a broad perspective on property evaluation and the interpretation of market needs. His focus is on adding value to the company portfolio and maintaining long-lasting and reciprocal relationships with the clients.

In his free time, he enjoys developing his strategic thinking through playing board games with friends and family. Panos is always alert to new ways of thinking. Staying alert is his favorite way of being even though he thinks that waking up early in the morning is way overrated!

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