Navagio Beach in Zakynthos is Closed – What are my Alternatives?

 Today, Navagio Beach is closed for the 2024 summer season due to the danger of landslides until further notice. While Navagio Beach is not available, what other beaches ARE open? Where else can you enjoy the beach in Zakynthos?


About Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach (also known as Shipwreck Beach) in Zakynthos is on the Northwest corner of Zakynthos Island. It is about 250 kilometers from Athens in the Ionian Sea. It is one of the most popular tourist sites in Greece and definitely on the island of Zakynthos.


Navagio Beach is most famous for its shipwreck. In 1980, a smuggler ship called the “Panagiotis” shipwrecked here. It is said that the ship smuggled cigarettes, and the Greek government sent the navy after the boat. On the 5th of October, the marine police found the boat with 2000 boxes of cigarettes and around 30 million Drachmas.

Navagio Beach

Gerakas Beach

Gerakas is a long beach sitting inside a large cove on the southeastern tip of the island, with shallow waters that are ideal for families and kids. Gerakas is a great spot for loggerhead turtles, who often come to nest here during the summer. After sunset, the beach closes in order to protect the turtles. The left side of Gerakas Beach is made of clay, so it is good for skin exfoliation. The beach is slightly curved and has great views of Zakynthos’s cliffs and landscapes. 


A turtle information center is located very close to the beach, where you can learn about the efforts to help wildlife in the area. The best way to get to Gerakas Beach is to drive. It is a 30-minute drive from Zakynthos Town. 

Gerakas Beach

Porto Limnionas Beach

Porto Limnionas is one of the most unique beaches of the island of Zakynthos. It’s not sandy at all and is a cove shaped like a “U.” The beach is perfect for diving, snorkeling, and adventuring in the caves of the area. There is a small restaurant on one side of the cove that is popular for couples. Some sunbeds are available in a small cove on the west side of the beach and several sunbeds are available for rent. 

Porto Limnionas Beach

Agios Sostis Beach

Agios Sostis is a resort town on Zakynthos between Laganas and Keri. It is one kilometer long and is ideal for couples and families. It is lined with hotels, apartments, minimarkets, restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops.


The most popular feature of the area is Cameo Island. The island divides Agios Sostis in half, and you reach it on foot on a wooden pier. On the opposite size of the pier, there is a pebble beach with clear water. The best time of day to go is in the evening, when the pier is full of lights and perfect for sunset walks. You pay 5 euros to access Cameo Island.

Cameo Island

Keri & Limni Keri

Many tourists get confused by these two locations in Zakynthos because of their similar names. They are about 4 kilometers from each other. Keri is a typical local village with stone houses and a view of the famous Mizithres rocks which are pictured below. Keri is also known for its lighthouse and one of the largest Greek flags in Greece. The famous Mizithres rocks can only be reached by boat.


Limni Keri is a tourist village nearby, known for its pebbled beach and caves. It is an ideal stopping place for families.


Banana Beach

Banana beach is just as fun as it sounds. The golden sandy beach is like paradise, with shallow waters and water sports shops. Banana beach has a relaxed atmosphere and should definitely be on your list of beaches to visit in Zakynthos. Although Banana beach is fairly busy, if you want to escape, you can go to the nearby Plaka beach for more privacy.


Sunset is a great time for cocktails. This is in fact the longest beach in Zakynthos and is 14 kilometers from Zakynthos Town. Plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas are available. Other popular watersports at Banana beach include paragliding and jet skis. Public buses are also available throughout the day.

Banana Beach

Laganas Beach

Laganas beach is one of the most popular beaches in Zakynthos because it has many facilities and is located close to the resort area. You will find a party atmosphere near Laganas beach because it is popular for young visitors. The beach is packed with restaurants and bars, so there are plenty of places to eat and drink. Sunbeds and watersports options are of course available. 


Laganas beach is not the best option for young kids because the beach is louder than other more secluded beaches in Zakynthos. Laganas is easy to reach by bus or car, and if you go by car, you might need to walk some of the distance to the beach.

Baby Turtle on Laganas Beach

Kalamaki Beach

Kalamaki literally translates to “straw” and it is a quiet shallow sandy beach which is ideal for children. Loggerhead sea turtles are a common sight in the warm waters because Kalamaki beach is a protected area for their nesting. 


Visitors cannot go to the beach during nighttime hours for this reason. Pedal boats are the only water sports available in this area so that there is no harm to the turtles. The usual snack bars and sunbeds are available at Kalamaki, and the beach is 8 kilometers from Zakynthos Town. The best way to get to Kalamaki is with a car. 

Kalamaki Beach

Xigia Beach

Xigia Beach is in the northeast of Zakynthos. You can get there only by car, and the beach is mostly made of pebbles. The unique part of Xigia Beach is that the water here has a lot of sulfur. When you swim, you can even see it in the water. Most people associate sulphur with the smell, but it is great for the skin and leaves you feeling smooth and clean. 


The water is pleasant and is a little bit cooler than other parts of the island, because of the cliffs. It’s like a natural sulfur bath, so you should definitely add it to your list of beaches to visit on Zakynthos.


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