In the News: Interview with Elxis sales director in Crete


On 12 October 2022, Elxis sales director in Crete Felix Münch gave an interview to Greek TV channel Skai for their evening news bulletin, discussing the impact of higher energy prices on investments in the Greek real estate market. 


Felix explained that in response to the high costs of keeping their homes in northern Europe warm, Dutch and German buyers alike have sought to make sustainable investments in properties in Crete. There, the mild winters do not necessitate high usages of gas or electricity. 


Further, as Elxis clients Anja and Jan Stuij remark, houses can feature solar roof panels which take advantage of the year-round sunny weather and lower significantly the energy costs. 


“The Greek weather attracts people from northern Europe like a magnet” commented Felix, emphasising not only the lower costs but also the personal enjoyment one gains from spending summers and winters in Greece. 


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