What is the Longest Trip in Greece? Corfu to Kastellorizo

What is the Longest Trip You Could Take in Greece? 

If you search these terms in Google, you won’t get a clear answer. Wikipedia helps by offering the “most extreme points in Greece”, and there is a lot of information about “how far any point of Greece is from the water,” but we wanted to take the question one step further:


If you wanted to take the most diverse trip in Greece possible, covering the largest distance (assuming you are going from A to B and not driving in circles), what would it be?

Coastal Road in Halkidiki, Greece

Why Ask This Question?

This question was inspired by a new property now on our site in Kastellorizo, a faraway island that is so far from the Greek mainland that most tourists have never even heard of it. It is so far east that Turkey claims it is not a part of the Aegean Sea.

Kastellorizo (Megisti)

What is the Longest Distance Between Two Points in Greece?

We took matters into our own hands and measured the distance of the farthest points in Greece (North, South, East, and West). The longest distance was Corfu (an Ionian island in the Northwest) to Kastellorizo, which is the farthest Southeastern island in Greece. The distance between these two islands is 946.6 km.

Distance between Corfu and Kastellorizo: 946 km

For context, if we measure North to South, there are 770 km from most northern point in Greece (at the top of Evros) and the most southern point in Greece (Gavdos Island). However, this distance does not even close to our first measurement.

Distance between Evros (North) and Gavdos (South): 770 km

About Corfu

Corfu’s beaches rank among the best in Greece – and the world. Paleokastritsa, Sidari, Issos, Ipsos and Dassia beaches are just a few of the stunningly beautiful spots to take a dip. The picturesque mountain villages are ideal for exploration, offering panoramic views and a range of activities such as hiking, cycling and horse riding.


The island’s beauty was featured in the popular British TV series, The Durrells, which was filmed in Kalami Bay, in the northeast at one of Corfu’s most picturesque spots.

Corfu Town

Corfu’s History

Since the 13th century, the Ionian Islands slowly became a part of the “Serenissima” Republic, and followed Western European developments in every sphere – politics, economics, social life, and their culture.


In combining Byzantine traditions with Italian Renaissance spirit, Corfu crafted a unique Ionian/Heptanesian culture that was unique for the Greek world at the time. However, at the same time they kept the Greek national spirit and Orthodox dogma alive.

Old Venetian Fortress, Corfu Town

About Kastellorizo

Kastellorizo (also known as Megisti) is the easternmost Greek island with year-round residents. It is found 560 kilometers from Athens and 120 kilometers from Rhodes, where you will find the nearest airport. Kastellorizo is famous for its Blue Cave, which is in many international travel guides. This location is special because the underwater caves are lit up in a beautiful blue color.

Blue Caves in Kastellorizo

Sights in Kastellorizo

Kastellorizo is full of beautiful beaches and has a number of neighboring small islands including Agios Georgios, Agrielea or Agrelia, Voutsakia, Megalo Mavropini, Mikro Mavropini, and Polifados. The island of Kastellorizo used to have over 12,000 citizens in the early 1900’s. Today, it has about 500.


Many of the residents moved to Australia, and supposedly there are about 30,000 Greek Australians who are descendants of natives from this island.


Kastellorizo is also famous for its quaint towns and for the Oscar-winning film ‘’Mediterraneo’’ that was shot here. The movie put the island on the worldwide tourism map.


How to Get from Corfu to Kastellorizo

By Plane

Even by flight, going from Corfu to Kastellorizo is not a quick trip. In the best possible case, your journey will be about 15 hours, according to Rome2Rio. This is because you need to pass through both Athens and Rhodes by plane first before getting to Kastellorizo.

Flight Path: Corfu to Kastellorizo

The Scenic Route (Ferry, Car, and Car Ferry)

Getting from point A to B is sometimes not about the travel, but about the experience. Going from Corfu to Kastellorizo is like going from one country to another. Kastellorizo is right next to Turkey, which in the days of the Ottoman empire controlled Greece for almost 400 years.


On the other end, you have Corfu, which looks more like Italy than Greece. 

Scenic Route: Corfu to Kastellorizo

Part 1: Ferry from Corfu to Igoumenitsa

Corfu is well connected by ferry to many different ports. There are sea links with Igoumenitsa and other Ionian islands, such as Paxi – Zakynthos – Kefalonia – Ithaki – Lefkada – Meganisi. Corfu is also easily reachable for travelers from Italy and central Europe, with ferry links to the ports of Venice, Bari, and Ancona.


Michalis, a member of Elxis’s sales team, cherishes his ferry trips to and from Corfu. This is because of the breathtaking views of the old town from the ferry. The sunlight disappears behind the island in a fantastic display of colors.

View on Ferry From Corfu | Picture by Michalis

Part 2: Drive from Igoumenitsa to Athens

It takes about 4 hours to drive from Igoumenitsa to Athens. Drive along the coast road until you reach the impressive Antirio Bridge. It is nice to stop for a meal in Preveza before you reach the bridge so you can enjoy the fresh seafood and small marina with lovely taverns. The best-known dishes of the area feature shrimp. Make sure to stop in Corinth to admire the Corinth Canal as well.

Coastal Road Near Lefkada, Greece

Part 3: Ferry from Athens to Kastellorizo

Yes, this is one of the longest ferries in Greece, at 22 hours. It is operated by Blue Star Ferries. There are seven stops, and it travels overnight. You will pass by many of the Aegean and Dodecanese islands on your way to Kastellorizo.

Ferry in Greece

Getting from Corfu to Kastellorizo: Our Recommendations

Booking your Ferry Tickets in Greece

Most ferry tickets in Greece can be booked online, or alternatively at the harbor at one of the ticket booths. Be aware that when getting tickets directly from the booths, there may not be tickets available, since most people buy online in advance.


If it is a big holiday in Greece, like Easter or August 15th, you will want to book your ticket in advance. Note that if you don’t have a barcode on your ticket, you’ll need to print out your ticket when you arrive at the port.


The best way to find the right ferry ticket in Greece is with Ferryhopper. This booking site is the most popular and most extensive tool in Greece and it lets you book through a variety of ferry companies in Greece.

Ferry, Poros Island

Renting a Car in Greece

Driving in Greece has many advantages. Traveling Greece by car means you have the freedom to explore at your own speed, and to discover sights off the beaten track. Many epic stops in the Peloponnese, in the north in Meteora, and in less touristed areas like Epirus are only accessible by car or bus. Greece has a lot to offer for road trippers.


How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car In Greece?

The cost of a rental in Greece depends on many factors, like the size of the vehicle, how long you are renting, and where you are picking up the car. Generally, you can expect to pay 30-100 euros daily for a basic rental car.


Boarding the Ferry with a Car in Greece

Although some ferries allow for cars and motorcycles, this is not true for all types of boats. Read more about different ferry types in our transportation article. Small ferries on local routes or high speed boats don’t always have a car deck.


Some car rental companies let you drive the rental car onto a ferry, but not in every case. And in many cases, you pay a fee every time you take the rental car onto a ferry.

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