Where did Elxis Travel in March?

Antonia Visits Crete

Antonia is one of Elxis’s most tenured lawyers, and she has extensive experience with the Greek Cadastral Registration Process and the transfer of properties. In her free time, she enjoys live performances, and she delves into the vast literature of her other great love, psychology.

Antonia traveled from Thessaloniki to Crete to sign purchase 7 deeds for Villas of the Marathi Project (a luxury villa complex) in Chania and another for a beach-front house in Plakias. While Elxis also has an office in Crete, the legal team is based in Thessaloniki and travels all over Greece to sign contracts for clients – especially those who live far away and do not have an easy way to travel to Greece.

Photo by Antonia
Photo by Antonia

Antonia remembers with enthusiasm her favorite parts of the trip: “What I enjoyed most was walking by the marina of Chania. I also found the most beautiful bookstore (Μικρό Καράβι) in Chania.” Located in the northwest of Crete, Chania is an unforgettable experience. It is Crete’s second largest city and has always been one of the most popular destinations in Greece. 


Much of the old town district of Chania was developed around its harbour, which was built by the Venetians during the 14th century. Take a late afternoon walk along the lighthouse and you will see one of the most gorgeous sunsets ever. 

Photo by Antonia
Photo by Antonia

Kostas Visits Galaxidi

Kostas, as one of Elxis’s most tenured legal experts, has worked with clients from all over Greece (and all over Europe!). In March, Kostas took a short trip to Galaxidi, a hidden gem in Central Greece, to complete a contract signing on behalf of a client.

The town of Galaxidi was separate from the Greek mainland until 1950 and is found at the southern tip of the Greek mainland. Galaxidi was historically a shipping hub and is known for its Nautical and Historical Museum. Galaxidi is a great place for a weekend break because of its neoclassical houses, captain’s mansions, charming ports, and quaint alleys.

Photo by Kostas
Photo by Kostas

Kostas describes his time in Galaxidi as an enjoyable experience: “During my stay there I had the opportunity to walk in the picturesque harbour, to taste fresh fish, and to have a drink a calm view of the water. My walk through the narrow streets highlighted the amazing old houses in the village, most of which are exceptionally well-preserved.”

Photo by Kostas

In his contact with the local population, Kostas was informed that “the months of July and August are usually the ones that attract a large number of tourists,” in contrast to the tranquility that he experienced while there.

Photo by Kostas
Photo by Kostas

Michalis Visits Corfu

As one of Elxis’s most tenured sales team members, Michalis is no stranger to five-hour morning journeys to Corfu to show clients’ houses along the Ionian Sea. In fact, he loves it. Michalis describes his journey best in his own words:


“On March 9th, I traveled to Corfu to meet a client interested in our new project, Corfu Sunset Villas Part 2. Boarding the ferry at 7:30 in the morning felt calm, with the sea gently moving and not too many people around. As we sailed to Corfu, I admired the beautiful landscape.”

Upon arrival, Michalis took a relaxed drive through the old town, enjoying the beautiful architecture that is part of Corfu’s UNESCO heritage. “Every corner I turned revealed a bit more of the island’s history, and I found myself fascinated once again. By chance, I stumbled upon a classic car meet in the charming public square. This unexpected event led to a pleasant conversation with my client, who shared my passion for vintage automobiles.”


The next step was meeting the client at the villa, which was found at the highest point of the project. “Afterward, I invited the client for coffee at a nearby café to discuss further details. There, walking through the surroundings, we had a productive conversation.” On the way back to Thessaloniki, Michalis reflected, “I looked back on the day with satisfaction and excitement for what lies ahead.”

Photo by Michalis
Photo by Michalis

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