Top Areas in Greece for Germans: Mykonos (Feat. @germanbackpacker)

There is a reason why Mykonos is such a popular destination for Germans in Greece. In this article, we break down why Mykonos is the ideal place for Germans, with the help of Patrick, the creator of germanbackpacker.com.

Mykonos Windmills

About Patrick

Patrick is a world traveler from southern Germany, in a hometown with only 6 inhabitants! Although he had limited travel opportunities during my childhood, he did not shy away from exploring.


“Fortunately, my business studies at university presented numerous remarkable chances to combine academia with travel. I seized my semester breaks to embark on extensive backpacking journeys across the globe. During my university years, I even spent four months in South America and traversed overland from Egypt through Sudan and into Ethiopia. Truly unforgettable experiences!


Patrick offers recommendations for German readers: “I am committed to sharing my travel experiences, stories, and insights through my website, ensuring that my love for exploration and the desire to inspire others continues to thrive.”


Links: German Backpacker Site

About Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most popular islands in the world. Hollywood actors, famous athletes, and lovers of wild nightlife all flock here. They are seeking after the sun, the beautiful seas, and the party atmosphere. 

Mykonos is a fairly small island, and it is found between the Greek islands of Tinos, Syros, and Paros. There are 10 thousand permanent residents on the island, but the population swells by a factor of ten in the high-season. The main town is called “Chora.” 

Historically, Mykonos had residents since the 11th century before Christ, and it had a simple agricultural system. It was an important stopping point for traveling merchants who passed through the Aegean. 

Mykonos Today

Today, Mykonos is a far-cry from its humble fishing village roots. Luxury bars on the beach are known to sell champagne for over 100,000 Euros per bottle, boutique shops sell luxury jewelry and 20,000 Euro Rolexes, and tourists come in droves. However, it still keeps some of the old architecture, with some of the most beautiful white buildings in Greece.


It’s no wonder the Greek island of Mykonos is now the undisputed holiday destination for the super-rich. Most recently, football stars Luke Shaw, Declan Rice and Mason Mount, and movie stars Demi Moore, Amber Turner, and Montana Brown, were seen vacationing on the beaches of Mykonos.

Rating Mykonos for Germans

Ranking Methodology

How did we decide what factors are most important for German home buyers? To solve this challenge, we first asked our sales and legal team, who offer consultation and legal handling to dozens of German clients (both those who do and don’t purchase a property). We then combined this data with a small survey of German clients who ultimately purchased a home to find out their highest priorities.


Sea View

Mykonos has 60 kilometers of coastline. As a small island in Greece, there are many opportunities for beachfront homes. Some popular areas to get a sea view in Mykonos are Ano Mera, Klouvas, and Ornos.

Rank: 10 out of 10

Direct Flights

From Germany, you must fly first directly to Athens. There are regular direct flights in the summer from major hubs in Germany like Frankfurt, making the island easy to reach Athens in the summer. Then, the boat to Mykonos takes about 4.5 hours. If you choose to take a flight, the flight from Athens to Mykonos is about 1 hour. 

Rank: 8 out of 10

Property Prices

Prices in Mykonos highly depend on the area where you buy a home. According to national averages from Spitogatos, prices range from about 4000 Euros per square meter to 6000 Euros per square meter in the major towns. Compared to other islands in the Cyclades, this is more expensive than other areas. The benefit is that Mykonos has one of the highest yields for holiday homes.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Internet Speed 

Internet Speeds are available in Greece via Speedtest by Ookla. Out of the towns in the Aegean, the nearest islands have a speed of 30-50 MBPS. Compared to other areas of Greece, this is average.

Rating: 9 out of 10


English Speakers and Expatriate Community

This area of Greece is very popular, so you can expect to see many visitors. Mykonos has some of the most tourists in Greece, so especially in the summer, you may never need to speak Greek. Even in the low season in winter, you will meet many English or even German speakers. 

Rating: 10 out of 10


Mykonos Overall Rating for Germans: 9.3/10

Mykonos Town

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