“We are the happiest people in the world” | Ruud & Els – Rethymnon, Crete


Once upon a time there was a married couple with a long-cherished dream. When they grew up, they wanted a house on a Greek island to live out their old age.

When they got older and their money-grubbing children were at their destination, they went to the Second Home Fair in Utrecht. It was 2006 when they bumped into the nice men from Elxis, Giorgos and Vangelis.

They started talking, looked at pictures of houses and places on Crete and became more and more enthusiastic. A few weeks later, there was an information meeting organised by Elxis about new building projects on Crete. Apart from the fact that the meeting was very pleasant, it also offered opportunities. Soon after, the couple travelled to Crete, fell in love with a beautiful spot in the hills on the north coast above Rethymno and were sold.

Without the trust in Giorgos and Vangelis they would never have dared. Buying a piece of land and building a house on Crete is not something you do lightly. With the support and contacts of Elxis they succeeded and in June 2008 their dream house was completed.

Our story is like a fairy tale and it still feels like one. We are the happiest people in the world because we were able to realise our dream. We enjoy our place in Crete twice a year for a full month. In a few years’ time, we hope to spend most of our time there, and that is a pleasant prospect. If you have to be old, then let’s be old in the most beautiful place on earth, our own house in Loutra. We hope that Elxis will help many more people like us to make their dreams come true.

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