Pitfalls to Avoid when Renting a Property

Short-term property rental in Greece has many benefits. You get to enjoy the laidback Greek lifestyle, its glorious beaches, and the warm hospitality of the Greek locals. There are advantages to renting over buying – your landlord pays property taxes and maintenance teams take care of cleaning and renovations.


If it’s your first time renting in Greece, you’ll want to follow this list of do’s and dont’s to make sure you rent a home that fits your needs and makes your dreams a reality. Here are a few common pitfalls renters fall into and the best ways to avoid them. 

Misunderstanding the Location

“Location, location, location” is a cliche in the home market, but it’s even more true in Greece. Beachfront properties or homes with a view will naturally be more valuable. Be sure to check the exact location of your rental, since for privacy reasons some rental companies don’t give you the exact location until you book. You might also want to check the home’s proximity to the activities and services you need access to. 


Judging on Photos Alone

Don’t judge a rental on its photos alone. It helps to read through the description and understand what features the owner highlights in their home. This can help manage your expectations and guide your decision. For example, the pictures that catch your eye might be pictures of the area, and not the home specifically. The pictures of course are useful, but doing extra homework will help you make a better decision.

Orthodox Church, Tinos

Not Using a Reputable Platform

There are a lot of vacation rental services out there, so it’s best to choose ones that have a good track record. Vacation rental fraud and scams can happen on sites like Craigslist and community forums. Also, be aware of requests for money transfers. These are a red flag and credit card payments are safer. It is best to use an accredited site to do your research, like Airbnb or Booking.com. 


Then, instead of booking through Airbnb or Booking (which usually charge an extra fee), contact the property directly to get the best price. This is a win-win for both you and the owner, who usually pay more to advertise on a major site like Booking.com and are more likely to offer you a discount when you book directly. One example of a trustworthy rental management company in Greece is Notos Estate Management, which offers luxury villas in Crete.

Cliff Houses, Santorini

Prioritizing Square Footage Only

Having a lot of space is great, but it’s not the only consideration. It’s more important that the layout matches your needs. When you visit the property in person, you can get a better idea of the size of the space. In contrast, the space can be distorted in photos or videos which you see online. If you need a particular layout in the rooms, check how the rooms are connected and make sure it fits with the daily routines you will have in the home. 

Villa Hestia

Not Reading the Reviews

When you book your vacation rental in Greece, make sure to search review sites and do thorough research on the home. You might learn more about the home that is not captured in the description or photos. Some sites will try to hide the negative reviews so prospective tenants don’t see them. So make sure only to use sites where both the positive and negative comments are shown. 

Kamares, Greece

What’s Next?

When you book your vacation rental in Greece, doing a little bit of extra work in the beginning will save you headaches in the future, and will make sure your stay in Greece meets and even exceeds your expectations.

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