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Katerina Galiatsou | HR Manager

HR Manager

Katerina Galiatsou

Katerina Galiatsou is the Elxis HR Manager.

She holds a BSc in Economic Science from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MA in Human Resource Development from the University of Warwick.

A people person motivated by purpose, she is focused on providing a structured and nurturing environment for the employees of Elxis, focusing on their professional development and personal growth. Setting clear objectives and providing ample support to the people, she is contributing to the achievement of business goals by creating a unique employee experience for all.

With long experience in Human Resource Management and Development, she focuses on developing training initiatives, designing clear career paths, managing talent and organizational development, and above all fostering a learning culture.

She is currently pursuing a degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy to enhance her skills and improve the quality of supportive contact and communication within the team.

In her free time, she enjoys creative writing and is currently working on publishing her second novel. For Katerina, life is like writing: You can only write about what you know, so live and you will know!

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