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Kassianos Fafoulas | Urban Planning Engineer

Urban Planning Engineer

Kassianos Fafoulas

Kassianos is an all round player. He is tasked with organising the communications of Elxis CEO Gavriilidis into perfect order, uploading property listings and providing insight on portfolios and their key aspects, while taking part in negotiations in home sales and land plots. He loves the fact that his work is free from borders and the multitasking involved as new challenges keep emerging. He has completed an Integrated Msc Diploma of Urban Planning and Regional Development (University of Thessaly), and speaks Greek and English with Italian lessons coming up.

Out of hours, fashion, in terms of style, is his thing. There is a big gap between the two, he says. Fashion is about trends, style is about an eternal voice in you. His motto: “If you are going to do it. Go all the way! There is no other way and there never was.”

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