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Izi Revach | Lawyer


Izi Revach

Izi Revach is a Lawyer in the Elxis Legal department.

He studied Law in the Democritus University of Thrace and  pursued his LLM in International Commercial Law, specializing in International arbitration, International Trade Law, and Company Law in University CollegeLondon. Currently, he is pursuing an Executive MBA in Sports Management.

Vibrant and energetic in personality and a true sportsman, he is highly skilled in coaching teams and coordinating complex tasks and programs. His legal expertise is multitasking and handling difficult cases. Izi always focuses on fair and rewarding results for all, providing efficient solutions in an objective manner.

He sees great potential in his professional development in the field of Real Estate and is really focused on learning from interacting with all the members of the team. He practices as he preaches as he firmly believes that there is no greater power than that of a team.

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