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Dion Gavriilidis | Partner

Managing Partner

Dion Gavriilidis

Dion Gavriilidis is the Managing Partner at Elxis.

He is also the breath of fresh air, energy and innovation at Elxis.

An outdoors personality, Dion has a profound love for architecture, nature, sports and outdoors activities. Nurtured in the Elxis mindset, he enjoys creating living spaces and homes. He has studied New Media and Digital Culture in the University of Amsterdam and has gained valuable experience and knowledge from working in Online Marketing and Restaurant Management.

Currently he is responsible for the company operations in Crete and is leading the Elxis Digital Transformation at the same time. His focus is on implementing contemporary technology while preserving the human identity that Elxis is so proud of.

A distinct personality portrayed by his double Greek and Dutch origin, he thrives on diversity and has himself experienced the challenges and opportunities that come from multifaceted cultural backgrounds. This makes him the suitable person to bring together the immense beauty of the country’s nature and culture and the desire of the non-Greek clients to experience it, by acquiring their second home in Greece.

Through technology and his unique skills, Dion is the gatekeeper of novelty and forward movement in the company. He is dedicated to bringing Elxis into the new era by applying new technologies as a way of enhancing efficiency, improving the customer experience, and achieving internal alignment.

As for his view on Real Estate he remains traditional. “It is all about the garden”, he believes.

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