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Dieuwertje de Beer | Senior Real Estate Consultant

Senior Real Estate Consultant

Dieuwertje (Dee) de Beer

Dieuwertje is a real people person. She has extensive experience in sectors that focus on people and finding solutions to their needs: real estate and hospitality. After studying facility management and hospitality, she then did a Masters degree in anthropology and has a certificate in psychology. Nature vs nurture is an interesting dilemma, she says. Since early 2020, she has been at Elxis where her work involves helping customers, overseeing colleagues and getting out to show people houses and talk to them about their dreams. A native Dutch speaker, she also speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek.

Her philosophy in life? Don’t look back, you’re not going that way. After hours, Dieuwertje puts music and rhythm into her life by singing and playing the piano. Next on her to-do list: photography lessons.

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