“At Elxis, the support has been phenomenal” | Heiko – Rethymnon, Crete



I can only recommend Elxis as a broker. We were looking for accommodation (as an investment and later retirement home) on Crete and finally found a great house. I have some experience with brokers in Germany when buying apartments and/or houses.
At Elxis, the support has been phenomenal. Our agent is German but lives in Crete and was a great help. The support from the head office from the legal and contractual side was always good and helpful, both with the necessary things and with questions on my part that do not directly relate to Elxis. We were told here in Germany how to create powers of attorney and suggested contact persons in the Consulate General, as well as where lawyers and tax consultants were named or made available, so that everything was settled and we didn’t have to travel to the office for the notarial certification. Even after we paid the brokerage fees and completed the purchase, the contacts were (and are) there to provide support and answer questions.
Not a matter of course. Thanks!

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