Four things to do on Karpathos

A representative beach of Karpathos


In 2017, Athina and Vincent bought a house on the island of Karpathos using the services of Elxis. Now they live there permanently! Learn in this blog about some of their favourite things to do on the island.


The Greek Island of Karpathos is located between the well-known islands of Crete and Rhodes. Although it is still a relatively unknown island, it is one of the largest islands of the Dodecanese. But what can one do on this island?


Explore the beaches

Karpathos has a tremendous diversity of beaches: there is something for everyone! One of the pearls is Apella beach. This beach was once voted the most beautiful beach in Europe. It is still worthy of that title! For those looking for a sandy beach, it is best to go to Amoopi, Lefkos or Arkassa.


There are also several beaches around the airport, from which you can spot planes and enjoy some time away from busy beaches. Really awesome!


And for snorkelling, there are many beaches too. Visit Kyra Panagia, Achata or one of the beaches in the village of Amoopi.

a serene beach in Karpathos, Greece

Explore nature

Apart from its diversity of beaches, Karpathos is really known for being a hiking island, especially after the summer season when it is less warm. But apart from hiking, the island offers many other sports activities. For instance, you can go mountain biking, surfing, kite surfing, and yoga. And it is one of the best hotspots in the world when it comes to windsurfing!


In the town of Afiartis (where the airport is located), there is usually a constant wind during July and August, called the Meltemi: perfect circumstances if you are fond of windsurfing or would like to give it a try.


Apart from sports, you can also join a creative workshop at Art and Walk on the island. They also have a vineyard where they offer tours with a tasting, and you can also join them to visit a beekeeper on the island! Check out their website.

exploring the outdoors activities in Karpathos
Biking in Karpathos Greece

Take a boat trip to Saria or Kasos

Karpathos has two incredibly cool neighbouring islands that are definitely worth a visit. North of Karpathos lies the uninhabited island of Saria. From both Pigadia and Diafani, you can take a boat to the island. The guides will show you around the island and you can swim through beautiful caves!


Southwest of Karpathos is the Greek island of Kasos. This is a small but inhabited island. From Pigadia, you can take the Kasos Princess boat to the island. This day trip is perfect for exploring the culture in the village. For those who like to hear more about the island and its history: Art and Walk offers an audio guide that you can easily listen to on your mobile phone while exploring the island.

boat trip to Saria in Karpathos
Exploring the culture of Kasos

Hike the Kali Limni

At 1215 metres, Kali Limni is Karpathos’ highest mountain. Just outside the village of Volada you’ll find the starting point and from here, it’s about 1.5 hours to the summit. It’s best to go on a day with fewer clouds. This is because from the top, you can see both ends of the island, which is such a beautiful view! You could miss this view with cloudy weather, which would be a shame!


The last bit can be a bit tough, as it’s quite steep. But we wouldn’t necessarily say you need to be a real hiker. A bit of perseverance will help you conquer the summit.

the view from the summit of Kali Limni in Karpathos

Want to know more about the Greek island of Karpathos or the story of Athina and Vincent? Read their testimonial here and check out their other blogs or order even their e-book of The Karpathos guide.

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