Frits & Ingrid de Koning – Lefkada


A viewing says more than a thousand pictures; the advice of Elxis is so much more than just an advice…

In September 2009 we left for Lefkas where we knew exactly where our dream should be in the form of a piece of land: in Geni! Even when we visited the piece of land, it was clear that we wanted to build our house here.

What should we arrange now that we were there? Contact with Elxis was quickly made and Elxis also quickly put us in contact with a local lawyer who could start up a number of affairs for us. They also gave us the urgent advice: “don’t sign any papers, we will talk further when you are back in the Netherlands”. The remarkable thing about this was that we had not had any personal contact with Elxis before and had not made any agreements about their assistance.

Once back in the Netherlands, it became clear that the purchase of our dream land would be a difficult process. But we were determined: we wanted to buy this piece of land. To cut a long story short: it has been a difficult and lengthy process of no less than 13 months. Thanks to Elxis’ persistence, it became ours at the end of September 2010, including a building permit based on our own drawings and design.

Then things suddenly moved fast. A contract was signed with the local contractor (drafted by Elxis) and construction started. In contrast to the buying process, the construction went very well. Nothing was too much for the contractor, weekly pictures were exchanged about the progress and there was also periodic contact between the contractor and Elxis. In other words: our house was ready 9 months later!

The advice from Elxis is so much more than just advice… it is expertise, reliability, a sense of security, cooperation, humour, sharing their love for Greece, great stories, a large network, friendship and so much more.

For us it is certain: we have found our dream house on a dream location, but it is surely not the last Greek “job” we will do together!

Giorgos and Vangelis: thank you for all the work you have done for us in the past 2 years. Come and have an ouzo in Geni soon!

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