Erik & Ines Ris – Vivari, Peloponnese


We really wanted a house in Greece. At that time, existing houses were hard to come by and so we had to rely on new builds. All the more so when we were able to get a beautiful spot with a magnificent view and close to the beach and a nice village. However, we had already built our own house in the Netherlands and that was difficult enough. And now in Greece?

When we came into contact with Elxis through an advertisement, we did not have to think long. At first we thought that you could cover a risk for a limited amount of money. But we were glad we took this step. Elxis drew up the purchase contract in Dutch and Greek. Later, through a Greek colleague, they also helped with the contract for the land (which was a special case!). But contracts are not the only thing you need, especially in Greece. Because of their Greek origin, the people of Elxis know the language and the habits of the Greek people and they also helped us with contacts with the contractor, real estate agent, notary and insurance. They even helped with the Greek truck driver who carried out the move! At the moment they are still helping us to arrange connection to the municipal water system, even though the construction is already finished.

In short, we are very happy that we have involved Elxis and would not know if everything would have worked out otherwise.

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