Your guide to Greece: how to get there


Despite the comparatively small geographical span, Greece features a dense connective network across land, water, and air. Owing to the diverse geography of mountains and gorges and ever-expanding coasts, Greece has turned into a year-long destination, and both the national and the international transportation systems have adapted to the high demand. In choosing a mode of transportation, several factors should be considered, but primarily travelling time and desired views set the awaited course.


Flying there

Remarkably, Greece has over 40 airports. From these, 22 accept international flights, with the Athens International Airport (ATH) being the biggest and most visited throughout the year. Approximating the capital’s airport are the airports found on the popular Cycladic islands of Santorini and Mykonos, as well as the Cretan airport of Heraklion, but more generally, all island groups in Greece host at least one international base and a number of smaller airports. For instance, the Cretan airport of N. Kazantzakis in Heraklion received over 3 million arrivals from abroad in 2022 so far, while the Cycladic airports marked a high record in July this summer, with almost 900.000 visitors per week!


In such a context, one can reach their final destination in Greece easily and conveniently anytime in the year with only one connection through Athens or Thessaloniki, needing not to wait for seasonal charter flights anymore. Everything is accessible and reachable 365 days a year! Transavia, for example, runs flights from various Dutch airports to 14 different airports in Greece, with flights to Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion in every month of the year.


It is also worth considering the newest ways of flying to the Greek islands via unique seaplanes. These jet-seaplanes are the cutting-through technology in the field of intra-islandic commuting, offering 10-12 passengers to “hop” within 20 minutes from one place to another.


Through ever-blue waters

Island-hopping is a favourite activity for all audiences and is made possible by renovated in addition to state-of-the-art ferries. In the Aegean, Piraeus offers the most travelling options, while the ports of Rafina and Lavrio are accordingly busy. Intra-island connections are not rare but depend on the season; the travelling schedule commences in early May and runs through October. In the Ionian, one can find a number of international ferry routes from Corfu, Igoumenitsa, and Patra to major Italian ports such as Bari, Ancona, and Venice, offering you the possibility to visit the Greek mainland with your own car or mobile home.


Travelling the currents of the Mediterranean gives you the unique opportunity of appreciating in a holistic way the beauty and culture of Greece. As in other island-born cultures, maritime activities have served the Greek economy from ancient times and have fostered a unique relation to the sea. In your next journey on a ferry, take a walk on the bow, and wander along seafarer’s views that date thousands of years old.


On land and rails

Finally, land routes serve well commuting across areas. The rail system is well-established in northern and central Greece, and its fares are as low-cost as the fares for the suburban buses (KTEL). There are some thematic train routes that are worth considering, including the steam train in Pelion and the cog train in the north Peloponnese. In recent years, Greek authorities have sought to modernize the rail system in Greece offering a speedy, convenient, and sustainable alternative means of transportation.


Lastly, most airports feature car rental options for travellers and families who seek to embark on their own adventures. Renting a car might serve you well if you consider visiting remote beaches and unusual destinations!


In conclusion

There are many travelling options to and within Greece, allowing each visitor to make their own tailor-made travel plans. In choosing a mode of transportation, consider not only the convenience of travelling time, but also imagine your journey in terms of views and photo-opportunities. It is guaranteed that, regardless of your choice, getting to your destination will be a stunning and enjoyable route.

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