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Dutch Tsipouro

Posted by Office on 12/11/2021

We enjoy staying in touch with our clients – Hans from Holland, who by the end of 2021 will own a home in Pelion, has recently surprised us with two very special gifts.

Hans’s hobby is making his very own homemade alcoholic beverages, and he gifted us two very distinguished, homemade drinks, which we had the luck to taste. The red wine, opened on a celebratory day among colleagues, had a rich body with an excellent aftertaste. Produced in Drenthe, The Netherlands, in 2019, this country wine has been a delight!

The clear bottle in the photos holds a special place in our hearts. Also produced in the Netherlands, it’s a very traditional Greek product. Tsipouro, is a sort of brandy, a strong spirit, distilled to 40-45% alcohol degrees. It’s made of grapes but follows a very different process from wine. Tsipouro is best served with a savoury meze (traditional greek small dish), and enjoyed with good company. Thanks to Hans this tradition has found its way to Holland!

Thank you Hans for the tasty and thoughtful presents!



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