Thessaloniki, charming and historical Macedonia.


Thessaloniki, or Salonica, is Greece’s second largest city after Athens and a beautiful destination that has remained relatively unknown for the time being.

Her name already reveals her great historical value, as she is named after Princess Thessaloniki of Macedonia, the half-sister of Alexander the Great. It is a crossroads of Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman and Jewish heritage and is considered the most popular destination for street photography in Greece!

Located on the ThermaicĀ Gulf, in the northwestern corner of the Aegean Sea, the city not only offers beautiful views of the sea; on a clear day, strolling along the kilometer-long seafront promenade, you can even admire the snow-capped peaks of Mount Olympus.

Because the city is built on a hill, the orientation is easy and the views are spectacular, especially from ‘Ano Poli’, the old town. This is the highest part of the city and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It consists of the most traditional part of Thessaloniki and offers the best panoramic views of the whole city and the Thermaic Gulf.

The wealth of cafes, restaurants, alleyways, museums and views will continue to inspire you for a long time to come, but be careful, you may not want to leave…

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