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We want to tell you something. Since 1983 we have been visiting the island of Kos and our “dream” was to own a house or flat there one day.

When you come for such a long time on a place you get to know a lot of people. People who last year, during a good conversation (ouzo, mythos, meze…! you know), offered us the possibility to buy a brand new flat. An existing hotel, in one of the better areas of the centre of Kos-town, was almost completely demolished and would be transformed into 9 flats. Great, 350 meters from the sea and only 800 meters from the old centre of Kos-town. What a chance.

But in a “dream” everything is well arranged and there are no obstacles to be taken. You speak the language fluently and of course you know the laws and regulations like no other……!

And although we had and have every confidence in the selling party, it is of course very nice to have the right knowledge when buying such a property, not to mention the babylonian confusion of tongues.

As readers of the Greece Magazine, our attention was regularly drawn to the advisory columns of Giorgos Gavriilidis, of Elxis Greek Real Estate Services from Utrecht. His advising but also his sometimes cautionary texts gave a very trustworthy impression. After our enthusiastic return from Kos last August, we immediately made an appointment with Elxis. The reception was very cordial and what struck us was that they did not immediately talk about tariffs (nice Dutch) but about the possibilities and the possible obstacles to be expected.

During my work as a policeman, I have often come across people who are able to talk “victims” out of their pockets with beautiful stories and promises, and I therefore have the necessary reservations when it comes to giving them confidence. However, you can only make a good deal if this trust is present. For example, when buying property in Greece and in order to reduce the costs of travelling back and forth, it has proved very useful to sign a power of attorney. Such a power of attorney goes a long way and can really only be given to people who deal with things in good faith. I don’t think it’s any different with us than with others, but there has to be a so-called “click” and we actually had that from the first meeting. No fuss and blabber, but professionals with a great sense of humour who know what they are talking about. Since 3 September this year we are the proud owners of a beautiful flat and hope to enjoy the Greek sun and relaxed atmosphere often.

We can only say that Giorgos and Vangelis (Elxis) have been worth every penny for us. Not one question was too much and even when we were not asked, things were arranged in our interest. If we are now asked how the purchase of a property in Greece can best be arranged, our answer is short but clear: ….. Call ELXIS.

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