IN THE NEWS: Elxis CEO interviewed by Kathimerini


Elxis CEO Giorgos Gavriilidis was recently interviewed by leading Greek newspaper Kathimerini, where he spoke about rising demand for high end holiday homes, with Greece becoming “the upcoming star of the Mediterranean region.” 


Mr Gavriilidis went on to say that demand is strong for second homes in areas such as Crete, the Cycladic islands, the Ionian Sea and the Peloponnese among investors who want to use the properties both for themselves and as a rental property.


What the Greek second home offers today – and something that most foreign investors have become aware of – is that our country offers particularly affordable high luxury homes,“ he said. 

The interview was given after Elxis published last week data showing the latest trends in the property market where Germans have climbed to top place among the country’s foreign home buyers. 

The news, which shows that house sales to German nationals tripled in the first half of this year, was published by more than 60 Greek and English language sites, including general news and business platforms. Indicatively, some of these sites are: 


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