IN THE NEWS: Elxis CEO talks to Athens News Agency


Elxis CEO Giorgos Gavriilidis recently gave an interview to Athens-Macedonian News Agency on conditions in Greece’s holiday home market, alongside comments from other leading real estate experts.


In an interview to journalist Alekos Lidorikis, Mr Gavriilidis pointed out that low property prices and warm weather in places like Crete that help keep heating costs down make the Greek market even more attractive amidst rising concerns in Europe over unbearably high energy prices this winter. 


Greece offers excellent value, something that investors are seeing more and more as the country becomes the Mediterranean’s rising star of investments,” Mr. Gavriilidis said. 

“Price pressures and geopolitical developments have resulted in increased buying activity, since real estate is perceived to be a safe haven investment in times of high inflation,” he added. 

To read the full interview (in Greek) please click here. 

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