Greece’s Best Architects: Omniview Design

Omniview Design was founded in 2013 by architects Dimitri Tsigos, John Tsigos and property entrepreneur Miltos Kambourides. Their goal was to integrate design and development capabilities into one service. This hybrid of design and development together make Omniview capable of making clients’ visions become a reality.

Omniview is based in Athens and hopes to start larger scale projects both here in Greece and also abroad. They are involved in many parts of the market: residential, hospitality, and commercial.

Villa Corfu


Dimitri Tsigos

Architect Dimitri Tsigos, one of Omniview’s co-founders, graduated in 2003 from the Architectural Association School of Architecture. He worked first in New York, before returning to Greece in 2005 to start TDC, an architecture firm, with brother John Tsigos. Later in September 2010, he started AFU, a furniture design firm and concept store – again together with his brother John Tsigos. Finally, in September 2014 he co-launched Omniview Design along with his brother, and the team has grown to over 30 employees today. 


John Tsigos

John Tsigos graduated from the National Technical University of Athens’s School of architecture and then worked as an architect and construction manager in urban city housing projects (1999-2005).


As part of TDC, an architecture and urban development firm which he founded with his brother in 2005, he had the role of construction manager and financial operator. With the Omniview team, John hopes to grow internationally and become one of the leading firms in design services and sales.

Founders Dimitri Tsigos (left) and John Tsigos (right)

Flagship Project – One Kleomenous 

This structure is definitely the most significant work of Omniview, and it is unique when compared to the surrounding neighborhood of Lycabettus Hill in the Kolonaki neighborhood, where there are almost exclusively tall apartment blocks. 


One Kleomenous is a single-family house that was Omniview’s first and flagship project of the company since the 2008 crisis. Tsigos is unique for his use of advanced computer-aided architectural design, and it was a unique challenge for him to design the One Kleomenous. The building mixes traditional building materials, like wood and marble, with modern construction methods. Some of the techniques Omniview used in the design are also found in naval design and yacht interiors.


One Kleomenous is a residential building with eleven floors, so the building is tall and slim. It is found high on top of the hill, so the terrace comes with views that let you see the Acropolis hill and the Piraeus coast. One of the unique features of the home is a shiny, polished steel curved staircase that goes down to the dining and living rooms. The two floors below ground have the couple’s master bedroom suite and the three children’s rooms. The other lower floors have service areas, a garage, and storage.

One Kleomenous

Other Projects

Prisma Suites

The Prisma suites are located in Voula in Athens. This high-end development has cutting-edge architecture and construction technology. It features bold horizontal and vertical elements on the exterior and an interior garden and swimming pool on the ground floor. The living rooms are double height and the penthouses have access to private roof gardens at the top of the buildings, with a view included. 

Prisma Suites

Asklipiou & Solomou St. 

This residential building is found in Voula in Athens and was born from the need to build on a unique plot. The building has a very acute angle, which Omniview tried to highlight when completing the construction. The final layout was designed to meet the needs of the clients so that it would be attractice to the potential buyers. The white color of the exterior creates a feeling of peace and lightness. 

Asklipiou & Solomou

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