Erik & Christine van Boxelaer – Lefkada


 When in the course of 2013 there were many reports about falling prices for houses in southern Europe, we decided to go for it. First we thought of Portugal – a country we have known and loved for many years. After some surfing on the internet, a selection was made and a visit was planned.

Before we left, we extensively checked the website of the Second Home Fair. We noticed that Greece was represented by (only) one estate agent: Elxis. We clicked on it anyway, even though – believe it or not – we had never set foot in the country. Immediately a beautiful house came into view, on the for us completely unknown island of Lefkas. After some thought, we contacted Elxis.

Giorgos happened to be in the area with a Belgian client, so he came to visit us. It was a very pleasant and open conversation, with an introduction to the country and its customs. When we said goodbye, he advised us to first finish our planned visit to Portugal and to think it over again. Which we did.

After our return, we decided to have a look in Greece. Cheap flight to Thessaloniki, where Giorgos picked us up and took us to the other side of the country. In that 4.5 hour drive, we were immersed by Giorgos in Greek culture, economy, law, history, language, geography, and much more. We listened, asked questions and were amazed. When we arrived in Lefkas, we felt we had got to know the country and its people a little.

When the house turned out to be the perfect match for our dream, we did not hesitate for long and jumped at the chance.

Elxis guided us perfectly through the entire purchase process and always took our interests to heart. Even after the purchase, we could (and still can) contact them for information and advice.

After one year we are still very happy with our dream home. And Greece, Lefkas and its inhabitants have become very dear to us! Now we just need to master the language…

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